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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Emptying the INBOX

Contrary to some beliefs, I do and will answer every email I receive. Some take longer than others, but this past week I was able to catch up and get ready for the start of the new season. Below are a few notible questions asked or topics that were posed to me via email. (For those who don't know, most blogger's email addresses are listed in their blogger profiles.)

Steve asks:
'Are you going to blog more about the TV show LOST?'
Yes, I plan on it, but with the long period between season 3 and season 4, it has been difficult to hypothesize which direction the show is going. With Season 4 starting soon, this topic should be brought up more.

Jenni asks:
'What did Elliott Sadler ever do to you to make you write those terrible things about him? If you are not one of his fans, why can't you just leave him alone?'
Elliott Sadler has never done anything to me personally, in fact I have only met face to face with him on a handful of occasions. I do separate his on track persona from his off track persona and I will post my observations of both. I still consider myself a fan of the on track Sadler, but once he steps out of the car, my opinion of him turns south.

RYR3888 asks:
'Whats the deal with the Yates cars and having no sponsors?'
I think it is a combination of a few things. 1) lack of recent on track success and 'sponsor friendly' driver bolting. 2) Transition to new leadership 3) Uncertainty of the Roush relationship 4) Current drivers are not that will known, fan wise. But more importantly, I don't think Yates Racing is in a huge 'panic mode' or feel like the clock is ticking just now. The plan (and budget) is to run two teams whether their is sponsorship or not. Just be in the top half of the field consistently in the first five races, and getting decals for the hood won't be a problem.

Mike asks:
'Why do you always take up for NA$CAR?'
I really don't 'always' take for for the governing body, even though it may appear that way. In many cases, the 'blame' for a particular issue doesn't lie in the hand of the governing body. Although the public perception is that they control 'everything'. I have not resorted to painting with such a broad brush just yet!

Amy asks"
'Did Spotterman really show up at your camper during a race weekend at 3 in the morning?'
Yes he did, but it was more like 1:45 in the morning.

Todd asks:
'What other blogs to you read?'
The ones that are on my 'LINKS' are the ones a frequent almost daily. While I am not active in most, I also frequent a couple of dozen message boards in the Nascar family as well.

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MArc said...

"'Why do you always take up for NA$CAR?'"

Gee, how familiar does that sound!

With today's seemingly common environment (I hate NASCAR!) you write something close to supportive of BF or NASCAR and you risk certain damnation to hell.

(Meanwhile all the fans that have "sworn off" NASCAR have no doubt helped sell out the Daytona 500)