There is only ONE Oklahoma

Thursday, January 03, 2008


Has your coach run off to another school? Have you suffered a disappointing loss? Or do you just need a happy ending to that Cinderella season? We can help!

YOU can be the next team to experience the uplifting, healing power of defeating "National Powerhouse" Oklahoma University on the national stage in the Tostitos Fiesta Bowl.

We'll win our conference, and that, plus our name and storied tradition, will guarantee you underdog status. Our dull and uninspired play at game-time will make your emotion and intensity shine all the brighter.

Just ask Boise State and West Virginia about the exultation that will be yours! Just as we did for them, we will give YOUR program a memory it will cherish for years!!

The application period begins in September! But start your preparation NOW!
Dial 1 (800) BCS-BUST.

Seriously though: Five ways OU beat themselves

1. Stoops calls destroy momentum. When OU pulled it to 20-15, OU was in control of the game. There was very little up-side to going for two points. And much less to going for the onside kick. That sequence was the back-breaker IMHO. Going for it on 4th down in the first half, in our own territory was questionable, at best.

2. Key missing players: Malcolm Kelly, Auston English (played very little due to flu, leg, etc.), Demarcus Granger, Lendy Holmes, Reggie Smith. This is a huge factor. The late losses of Kelly, and especially Granger's stupidity, had to contribute to the lack of fire we showed in the first half.

3. Penalties. Penalties. Penalties.. OU shot ourselves in the foot over and over and over.

4. Beaten on the edges. Very surprising to see Loadholt getting routinely abused like that. It looked like something was wrong with him. He was bending at waste and reaching all night.

5. Lack of killer instinct. Despite pyss poor play in the first half, OU STILL had the ball three times near or in the red zone, only to emerge with a paltry two field goals.

My last bytch-and-moan comment: I absolutely HATE giving this type of ammunition to the press: four BCS losses in a row. Pardon me while I gnaw my own arm to a nub at the elbow.

How many days till Daytona?


Trixie said...

I really thought Oklahoma was making a game of it, but like you I was questioning the 2 point conversion then the onside kick.

Only 43/44 days until Daytona!

vroom said...

Sometimes it hurts to be a fan! Happy New Year, it's vrooming time!