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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Frank Broyles typical Old Guard attitude

During the Cotton Bowl game he said he thinks all the talk and controversy about who the College Football champion is, is good for College Football. As long as these old geasers are still alive and teaching this out dated bullcrap of a bowl system and the money that these same old gasbags keep raking in we will never have a playoff in Div.1 Football. Just more meaningless bowl game blowouts.

What I don't understand is if these old geasers are so enamored with keeping "the integrity of the bowls", then why are they so quick to sell out by changing the names, locations and dates of the original bowls? Where the heck did the Peach Bowl, Bluebonnett Bowl and the Aloha (Seattle) Bowl go? We now have the Chick-fil-a Bowl, the International Bowl and the Emerald Nutz Bowl.

The bowls that supposedly enhance "tradition" do nothing more than allow ESPN to do something besides covering the World Rock-Paper-Scissors Championship. By that I mean it's all about money-money-money.

Here's an idea "proud sponsors..."

Instead of seeing a fat guy dance in the endzone with his Dr. Pepper 15-20 times per game, how sponsoring that game? I mean, seriously... "Papa Johns .com Bowl?

And many say that NASCAR is 'all about money', they might be, but then again they are in good company with most every other sport as well.

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Lane said...

What's an Oklahoma fan doing blogging about an Arkansas icon anyway?