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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Normally, I don't blog about such events but there is something special going on with the #71 race team, David Gilliland and the Gilliland Fan club that is note worthy.

Fow sometime now, the David Gilliland fans have been posting on his fan club message board offering help in any way to the TRG race team. How many times have we heard similar offers from fans of other drivers, but those offers went unheard. This story is different, just as the reason many Gilliland fan's support their driver in the first place, there is a grass roots feeling and appreciation from the race team going back to the fans. Yesterday this post appeared on the Fan club from the Director of Marketing at TRG Motorsports:

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

My name is Lloyd Wideman, I am the Director of Marketing for TRG Motorsports. I spoke with Daniela just before getting out and on the road to Bristol about getting the Fan Club on the race car for one or more events... How could I turn down a fellow Missourian???

I ran some concepts past the ownership and spoke to David about the ideas... Here is what we have to work with:

What ever the amount of money you raise, $5 or $5000... we will provide you with the Deck Lid (trunk) for a race. The entire space is yours to do whatever you want with it.

We can put Martinsville together pretty quickly if ya'll would like to do it there!

If you need help developing a concept, please let me know.

Things happen quickly in motorsports and this is no exception. Don't be surprised to see this nice tribute (pictured above) on the rear deck lid of the #71 car as soon as this weekend, and maybe even more races to come.

I noticed last weekend at Bristol the #71 car sporting a 'blank white patch' covering the hood. At first thought, I was thinking that it may have been placed there to 'cover' a late race sponsorship that may have fell through. But I really think this was simply an ingenious way to say 'your company logo here', without being so blunt. This fresh approach just might be what the doctor ordered. Lets hope so!

We have been hearing a lot of 'talk' from drivers and owners about how they want to 'return to their roots' for the average fan. So far, there is one race team that is willing to say 'thank you' to their fans in a different way. 'My Driver' and his posse should take note.