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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Judgement Day Commeth

Any day now Nascar should announce the penalties to the 24 and 48 teams for the front fenders not meeting C.O.T. standards.

While I have defended in many cases Hendricks teams when accused of 'cheating', simply because I can draw a line from using illegal parts, and using legal parts in a manner that they were not intended. Thus the difference between cheating and innovation.

However in this case, Nascar made it very clear that from day one of the C.O.T., messing with the aerodynamics of the C.O.T. in any way is a big 'no no'. I truly think that both the 24 and 48 made an error in this interpretation and they felt that they were within the rulebook. But they were wrong. Just as the 8 car 'mistakenly' used illegal bolts on the rear wing, the 24 and 48 should have at the very least the same penalty/fine as the 8 team.

One could say that the CC for the 48 should be penalized more as a 'repeat offender', and that could be considered as well. But just like all new technology, the C.O.T. is a new animal when it comes to the rulebook. Hopefully the actions like Knaus has done will force Nascar to be more clear and specific when it comes to the rulebook, something they have failed many times in the past.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Loyalty, now thats a strange word

Managing Editor of RacingOne.com, Pete Piston had an interesting claim in a recent blog titled ‘So Long Sadler?’ The most striking claim is that the ‘Southern Gentleman’ is unhappy with his race team and once again is seeking a release from his contract. Wow! That didn’t take long and we all know that Sadler has a history of not honoring a contact.

The other side of the coin is that Owner Ray Evernham equally has a history of not honoring contracts as well. So Sadler fans just possibly maybe forced to come to the realization that their driver maybe ‘fired’ before his contract comes due for a ‘better’ driver in the owner’s eyes. Note to Sadler fans, irony alert!

In jest just a few short months ago at the spring TMS race, I made the comment to a handful of Sadler fans that the ‘Southern Gentleman by the 2008 fall TMS race would be driving for DEI. I may have underestimated the time frame by over a year with recent events of the silly season.

But since day one of Sadler leaving RYR, there has been a sense of unrealism not only by Sadler himself, but his entourage as well. His spotter/PR person could be quoted in saying before the Daytona 500 this past Feb, that ‘we are going to win some races this year’. Note that he is speaking in the plural.

I recently had a blog or message board post emailed to me, but unfortunately there was no link to give the author proper credit. (The emailer’s name was generic as well, so it may have been their words but wanted to keep their anonymity, and that is too bad as this person's feelings are pretty much dead on) But it seems that there are other fans of the ‘Southern Gentleman’ that are seeing through the Sadler fa├žade. I could not have said this better myself and is nothing different than what I have been saying for months.

There are many things, but the latest is now the man who used to do speedpark for free...well he is actually $80.00 now. They say a portion goes to his charity??? Well that is not the way to get charity funds. "I will give you an autograph, but...you gotta give my "charity money""...aint telling you how much but... If you want charity funds the way to do this is a charity drive. Not to mention behavior that has been reported from some signings and such. (and we have board members who have personally experienced his behavior)

When was the last time he or Brett, visited the SFC? Nope don't go there anymore, but am a member and word gets back...remember the promises made??? They still have people who have paid but can't access the board which is supposed to be a part of the deal. They have been contacted over and over but???? Where is their pride?? A site that is sloppy and mismatched, only slightly repaired after we contacted them several times about it, and still the response was quite flipant. Basically, they don't care what their fans think they can take it or leave it. Now this is not coming from all, I assure you, but some of the major players who should care the most.

Where are all of the activities, the fun things promised on infield parking???? Have you seen anything??? What about the fan pack. Now I actually went down there packed them and sent them out, but... do your homework. We have a lot of kid fans...What in there was for them??? Better yet...what was in them period. Look at other clubs who pay the same, a little more or even less... you will be disappointed. Now I don't join for a pack, but the items you find in there are a show of respect and appreciation of your fans...I won't say more.

I was just wondering...is it me or is it tacky to advertize your other businesses on an "official" fan club website? I don't go there to buy a car...
Yet... the messsage board rules do not allow the selling of even so much as un-used race ticket. So....hummm...rules are rules??

This is just a little background for you... there is more oh so much more.
But thinking about it gives me a headache.

Does this change my loyalty to the Sadlers...no; will I still be there for them...always; am I disappointed...very.

There is indeed ‘so much more’ isn’t there?

Then there is this recent Richmond article titled “Stuck in the spin cycle” Sadler’s latest quotes can be. Even this Richmond writer can see the similarities of the Southern Gentleman’s quotes and while the names have changed (from Glen/Eddie, to Robert to Ray) the overall theme is the same. That theme is ‘nothing to see here, move along, all is well…….at least until I can find a new gig.’ The grass is always greener on the other side of the pasture.

It is funny though, if the paying Sadler fans were to exhibit this same type of loyalty (or lack there of) maybe they should be asking for some sort of refund or compensation from their SFC membership, for non-delivered services both on and off the track.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Its Silly and it is only June

It's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get

Where will Kyle end up, and maybe more importantly where will Kellogg's be painted on the hood next year? I'm thinking that if I am a driver in the 20s or lower in the points right now, I might be a little worry about my future. I don't know if Kyle would take one of those rides as it would be an obvious step down, but you never know in the silly season.

Then there is the silly season for Theresa and the number 8. That number belongs at DEI, and I don't think Theresa will gave it up. After all, she still owns 51% of the organization.

Next, the silly season for race tracks. Where the Kentucky/Nascar law suit continues to morph into a monster. Had this track been built in the Northwest or within 75 miles of the NYC area, it would have already had a Cup date by now.

Silly is as silly does

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The beginning of the Dog Days of Summer

The “Blat”
Since 1950 Rosenblatt Stadium in Omaha Nebraska has proudly and very successfully hosted the Men’s NCAA Division I College World Series. One would think that the NCAA would never consider ‘ignoring its roots’, and turn their back on that venue in search of greener pastures. But this is something that is not only a reality; it is a necessity. Even though the stadium has seen various ‘upgrades’ and renovations, it still is in dire need of a face-lift and the city of Omaha realizes this and has taken steps to insure that this great college tradition will stay. TeeVee viewers this week will see a well-manicured playing field, tight-shot cutaways and panoramic views of the stadium. But fans that visit the park must deal with woeful parking facilities and then navigate a narrow, grungy concourse to their seats. The City of Omaha has submitted two plans to the NCAA to further solidify the CWS in the city. One plan is to build a new stadium in the downtown area; the other is a complete renovation of the ‘rickety’ existing stadium. If only cities like North Wilkesboro or Rockingham would have had the same drive to keep their ‘traditions’ we still may have been seeing races at those tracks.

Barry Corbin said it best:
Remember when Barry Corbin played the wise-talkin' General "I'd piss on a spark plug if I thought it'd do any good" Berringer in the 1980’s movie ‘War Games’? There are a few drivers’ official message boards that could use him these days as they have gone from DefCon 1 to DefCon 4 in just a matter of weeks. Just as the train wreck in War Games morphed from an innocent prank to a full-scale world crisis, the Kurt Busch and Ricky Rudd official fan forums have mirrored this. While each forum’s meltdown is caused by different reasons, the end result is the same. Corbin’s character of over 20 years ago if remade today would be something that Billy Bob Thorton would gladly accept. Like these two fan forums, Gen. Berringer goes through various stages of professionalism, anger, frustration, joy, fear, and resignation. But in the end cooler heads prevail and the call to ‘hold at DefCon 4 till we find out exactly what the hell is happening here’ is ordered. Only time will tell if total shut down and DefCon 5 is warranted for these train wrecks, but it is a piece of work to watch them unfold week after week. Someone could write a very entertaining undergrad college Psychology or Sociology paper events like these.

Speaking of fan club forums:
With the ‘law’ being handing down like a Barney Fife U-turn and subsequent ‘citizens arrest’,
it appears that some SFC fans are a bit miffed over the fines/penalties given to Kurt Busch for his momentary act of stupidity. For some strange reason they feel that 100 points and $100,000 fine is not enough of a penalty when ‘comparing’ apples to oranges of the cheating penalty for the ‘Southern Gentleman’ earlier in the year. Even going so far as to question that they thought ‘Nascar was going to get tougher and send a message’ this year. Many seem to feel that Nascar should have parked the Shrub for at least a race. But what they are not taking into consideration is the total penalty Nascar levied on the #2 team, and that was two fold. First; Nascar parked the #2 team, which resulted in the loss of at least 50 or more points. Then Nascar levied an additional 100 points. A 150-point penalty/reduction is essentially (if not more) suspending the shrub for a race.

What a difference a night makes:
The difference from the way Nascar Race Control (mainly David Hoots) and Indy Car Race Control handles their races are night and day. Hoots calmly maintains the race in a very professional manner while it seems that Indy Car official are a bunch of Keystone Cops running around barking out orders, then changing those orders, then changing back again. This type of thing was not a one-time thing, but the common theme throughout the TMS Indy Car race. While not everyone agrees with all of Hoot’s in race decisions, it is not hard to tell that he takes pride in the professionalism he and his follow race officials achieve race after race.

Team Orders?
Last Saturday night late in the race that was heard over and over, especially on the #7 Danica Patrick scanner. I found it odd that a car and driver would ‘lay back’, after closing from 30 car lengths to within a handful of the leader and 2nd place car, only to be told to ‘help your team mate get around’. Maybe this would not have been a big deal, but that same team- mate could not even pull along side the leader at all, even though Patrick’s car was able to make significant gains in each of the final few laps. I guess that is ‘racing’, but I don’t have to like it.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

The 'Pointy Cars' are coming to town

While I am not a huge fan of open wheel racing, I do look forward to the IRL's annual visit to the Texas Motor Speedway. Probably the main reason as that this race is always accompanied with a Craftsman Truck race on Friday night.

The truck series is appealing for many reasons, but I think the race distances (compared to Cup) promotes better action on the track. From the drop of the first green flag, it is 'go time' for the trucks. I really don't have a driver that I follow, so my scanner will most likely be programed to David Hoots and Nascar Race Control.

As for the IRL, the DFW metroplex has already been flooded with 'Danica Mania' this week. Although after last week's IRL race at Milwaukee, maybe a more appropriate moniker should be 'Dan-Danika Mania'.

Patrick was angry because of the incident with Wheldon when she entered Turn 4 three-wide on the 88th lap and was trying to pass Wheldon when he came toward the inside and clipped her. Patrick spun into the grass and bent her suspension, which cost her time in the pits for repairs. She finished eighth and wasn't in contention for the win after that. At least Danika was 'man' enough to confront Wheldon face to face after the race, and not by using her car or even helmet as a weapon or attention getter.

There is no doubt that TMS General Manager Eddie Gossage will use this feud any way he can to get a few extra fans in the seats Saturday night.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Must be something in the water!

Last weekend there were a few examples of ‘meltdowns’ that were really beyond belief. It doesn’t matter if one feels that these despicable actions were justified in any way, but in this day of the on demand Internet world, there is nothing that can be considered positive from them.

Meltdown number one:
Minor league manager Phillip Wellman put on a ten-minute tirade after his pitcher was ejected for using a foreign substance on the baseball. This tirade included covering home plate with dirt; then outlining the plate; throwing his hat at the umpire and shouting less than six inched from his face, removing both second and third bases and throwing them into the outfield, dropping on his belly and pantomimed a military crawl to the edge of pitcher's mound, where he picked up the rosin bag; he pretended it was a grenade, pulled an imaginary pin with his teeth and launched it toward the plate umpire, hitting his left foot; and before leaving the playing field, he returned to pick up the bases that he had thrown, and attempting to take them with him.

Meltdown number two:
Same game, but this time in the majors, when Chicago Cubs manager, Lou Piniella ran onto the field and kicked dirt as he argued and tossed his cap. After seeing a replay following the game, he said the umpire's call was correct.

Meltdown number three:
Kurt Busch after being ‘pushed around’ much of the day by Toney Stewart and finally wrecking decided to pull into the 20 car’s pit stall while the 20 car was being serviced. While the speed the 2 car was going was not all that great, the actions were something that cannot be tolerated. Not only for the obvious safety reasons, but also simply because there is no good that can come out of something like this.

What really is interesting is that in two out of the three examples, fans and supporters are trying to justify the actions. Sorry, but in all three, there is no justification for this behavior and in all three, the offenders should miss some upcoming games/races.