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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Must be something in the water!

Last weekend there were a few examples of ‘meltdowns’ that were really beyond belief. It doesn’t matter if one feels that these despicable actions were justified in any way, but in this day of the on demand Internet world, there is nothing that can be considered positive from them.

Meltdown number one:
Minor league manager Phillip Wellman put on a ten-minute tirade after his pitcher was ejected for using a foreign substance on the baseball. This tirade included covering home plate with dirt; then outlining the plate; throwing his hat at the umpire and shouting less than six inched from his face, removing both second and third bases and throwing them into the outfield, dropping on his belly and pantomimed a military crawl to the edge of pitcher's mound, where he picked up the rosin bag; he pretended it was a grenade, pulled an imaginary pin with his teeth and launched it toward the plate umpire, hitting his left foot; and before leaving the playing field, he returned to pick up the bases that he had thrown, and attempting to take them with him.

Meltdown number two:
Same game, but this time in the majors, when Chicago Cubs manager, Lou Piniella ran onto the field and kicked dirt as he argued and tossed his cap. After seeing a replay following the game, he said the umpire's call was correct.

Meltdown number three:
Kurt Busch after being ‘pushed around’ much of the day by Toney Stewart and finally wrecking decided to pull into the 20 car’s pit stall while the 20 car was being serviced. While the speed the 2 car was going was not all that great, the actions were something that cannot be tolerated. Not only for the obvious safety reasons, but also simply because there is no good that can come out of something like this.

What really is interesting is that in two out of the three examples, fans and supporters are trying to justify the actions. Sorry, but in all three, there is no justification for this behavior and in all three, the offenders should miss some upcoming games/races.

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Clance' McClannahan said...

This will be nominated one of my biggest "LugNut" moments of all time.