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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Change it, just change it

Change it
According to Jenna Fryer's article, Nascar is considering relaxing its testing rules, which is a good thing. But one has to wonder how the fans may react to another mid season rule change, no matter how much that rule change makes sense and can only be positive.

Before the C.O.T. and when teams needed to have 25 plus cars in their stable in order to be competitive, the expense of almost weekly testing was more than many teams could financially handle. Now with the C.O.T., teams simply need more time to understand how to make the car turn and how chassis changed effect the car.

Right now, teams are testing at 'non-sanctioned' tracks such as V.I.R. and Nashville using either 'very old' Goodyear or Hoosier tires. When they can't test, many teams have been forced to purchase '7 post rigs' in order to simulate actual testings. What started out by Nascar as a good cost cutting rule has now morphed into something that is not helping all the teams.

But of course, this will be one mid season rule change that the Nascar Naysayers will ignore when the next rule change happens that they don't approve of.
This is a dumb idea: the United Football League
Mark Cuban is the first official owner of a new football league that wants to attempt to rival the NFL. This would be the 4th (AFL, XFL, and IFL I think) league to try and rival the NFL. The ONLY way another league would work is if they played in the Spring. I would watch football in the Spring. There is no way you can survive competing with the NFL in the fall.
You think Nascar is inconsistent with their penalties?
In the next few months the NCAA will have completed their investigations of a few high profile schools. But there seems to be a prevailing notion that one school is going to get a slap on the wrist, while another school gets the hammer. There will be much more on this topic at it develops, but one can't help to wonder about the obvious. $750,000 is greater than $18,000. Maybe the NCAA needs a math refresher course. And some think Nascar is inconsistent. More on this topic in the coming months.
and Lasty a bit of irony
What is the deal with Virginia pro athletes and dog abuse? Not just stating the obvious with Micheal Vick and his alleged and simply amazing underworld, but there is a reason why using dogs for deer hunting is illegal in most states, and even in most parts of Virginia. To date, no one has been able to directly connect Vick with an actual 'dog fight', or place him at the scene. So even though it is illegal to stage dog fights in Virginia, should it also be illegal to train, breed or even own those type of dogs in that state? Of course it should be. I guess it is a good thing that in a few select areas of Virginia, having a pack of dogs chase down a deer for miles until the deer simply tires and 'gives up' is considered 'sport'. So now the A.S.P.C.A. has a 'poster child' for its campaign against dog fighting, it may only be a matter of time before some other animal rights organization like P.E.T.A. finds some famous athlete for its cause. Isn't it ironic?

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Snafam said...

1) The ONLY reason NASCAR is considering changing testing rules is the TIRE sponsor, Goodyear, does not appreciate the teams buying competitors tires.

2) I have never understood the hunting with dogs deal. Foxhunting has been banned in so many places, and yet deer hunting with packs of dogs remains.

As far as dog fighting, I saw this happening when so many 'star's made the pit bull so popular. There is nothing good about that so-called sport, nothing.

I guess I just don't understand the need to use dogs to rip apart any other animal, be it fox, deer, dog or whatever. There is something wrong when folks enjoy seeing that.

3) Football? I have nothing for you! Ditto on the NCAA thing.