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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Its All-Star Week

Maybe one of my favorite race weekends of the season, and I think it has more to do with the format than anything else. What appeals to me is the shortness of the segments, that only green flag laps are counted and the over all sense of urgency of getting to the front seen much of the night.

Things I hope to see this weekend:

Pretty sure it has been close to 15 years since a driver has come through the Open and won the All-Star race, it is time for that to happen again.

Who ever the driver that is voted in by the fan vote, I hope he is able to run competitively with those front runners.

While some think the Las Vegas style driver/team intros are a beating, it is still nice to see the teams not wearing their helmets and looking like they are having some fun.

There is only one other racing venue that should ever be considered to run this All-star race, that being Richmond. But over-all this race needs to stay right where it has been run the passed 20 years.

a couple of random thoughts:

With Bill Elliott piloting the 21 for the 600, I wonder how long before Daryl Waltrip's phone begins to ring. Actually, it maybe the only way for the 55 to make a race. The kicker just might be that a sponsorship campaign has already been in the works for years with DW driving the 'Aaron's Dream Machine' I am sure that NAPA would have little problem letting Aaron's foot the bill for a handful of races.

After this week's penalties handed down to the 8 team, I guess we can all put away the theory of 'favoritism' in Nascar. Teams were warned and even though this may have been an 'honest mistake', Nascar followed the letter of the Law concerning their memo to the teams about messing with the C.O.T.'s rear wing. It reminded when the 96 attempted to pass pre-qualifying inspection with the wrong sized carb for a plate track. Owner Troy Aikman was 'confused' about the penalty and felt that concession should have been made for a new team. Nascar didn't see it that way, just as rightfully so they don't see that because the C.O.T. is 'new', is any excuse.

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Snafam said...

Mr. Sadler has indeed matured since that night. He handled Carl Edwards beautifully after getting punted by Edwards in a Busch race.

In fact, I think the only other negative comment he made since then was about Jimmie Johnson needing to find his brake pedal!