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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I don't have to see it to believe it

There seems to be a movement that is growing from within the Nascar faithful (or unfaithful) these days. This movement as recently fueled by Tony Stewart's comment concerning 'phantom debris' and 'fixing' races. Now we all know that this premise has been beaten to death but a more recent event has made me wonder how these very same Nascar faithful might re-act.

from the Charlotte Observer
Jim Utter

Nextel Cup Series drivers Kevin Harvick and Jamie McMurray were each fined $25,000 and placed on probation through Oct. 3 for a post-race incident from Sunday's race at Talladega, Ala., NASCAR officials announced on Wednesday.

Harvick and McMurray apparently traded paint on the white flag lap on Sunday's race while the event remained under caution. They were penalized for an "altercation with another competitor's car during a caution period."

Now I watched the broadcast of this race, and more importantly the final few laps, and I didn't see the TeVee Broadcast showing any of this 'altercation'. So if the premise of the Nascar faithful is true, which is in order for a debris caution to not be 'suspect', the broadcast must show the actual debris, then before Nascar should be able to take action and impose a fine/penalty to the 26 and 29 drivers, then what happened must have been shown on Tevee right?

I don't have to see every piece of debris on TeVee, that may have been the culprit for a debris caution in order to understand that when David Hoots makes the call to 'throw it out', he (and others) feel that the race track is not safe and 'ready to race'. For years when at the track I have program in my scanner as a priority channel, 'Nascar Race Control' and listened to the actions of Hoots and his team. Sometimes after a 'driver report' of debris, and after conformation, yes there are cautions thrown, but there are other times when they are not.

The morale of the story? I don't live in Missouri, so 'Show Me' doesn't apply to me. And yes, I'm believe the 26 and the 29 were playing bumper tag on the cool down lap. I didn't see it, but I believe it.

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High Groover said...

Typically, I'd agree with you -- but (thanks in no small part to the Man In Orange) we have a PR crisis and a perception problem to deal with in NASCAR. The cleanest, clearest way to deal with the issue and put the conspiracy theorists out of business is to SHOW proof for a while. Ignoring the "show me's" right now will only prolong the misery.

(unless Brian France is a major shareholder in Alcoa!) Gotcha!