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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The 'Pointy Cars' are coming to town

While I am not a huge fan of open wheel racing, I do look forward to the IRL's annual visit to the Texas Motor Speedway. Probably the main reason as that this race is always accompanied with a Craftsman Truck race on Friday night.

The truck series is appealing for many reasons, but I think the race distances (compared to Cup) promotes better action on the track. From the drop of the first green flag, it is 'go time' for the trucks. I really don't have a driver that I follow, so my scanner will most likely be programed to David Hoots and Nascar Race Control.

As for the IRL, the DFW metroplex has already been flooded with 'Danica Mania' this week. Although after last week's IRL race at Milwaukee, maybe a more appropriate moniker should be 'Dan-Danika Mania'.

Patrick was angry because of the incident with Wheldon when she entered Turn 4 three-wide on the 88th lap and was trying to pass Wheldon when he came toward the inside and clipped her. Patrick spun into the grass and bent her suspension, which cost her time in the pits for repairs. She finished eighth and wasn't in contention for the win after that. At least Danika was 'man' enough to confront Wheldon face to face after the race, and not by using her car or even helmet as a weapon or attention getter.

There is no doubt that TMS General Manager Eddie Gossage will use this feud any way he can to get a few extra fans in the seats Saturday night.


Vroom! said...

Sounds like a fun race weekend...love the shorter truck races and IndyCar is gr8 too!

Charlie Turner said...

That Indy car race was one scary deal. If they keep running at Texas, something bad is going to happen.