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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Judgement Day Commeth

Any day now Nascar should announce the penalties to the 24 and 48 teams for the front fenders not meeting C.O.T. standards.

While I have defended in many cases Hendricks teams when accused of 'cheating', simply because I can draw a line from using illegal parts, and using legal parts in a manner that they were not intended. Thus the difference between cheating and innovation.

However in this case, Nascar made it very clear that from day one of the C.O.T., messing with the aerodynamics of the C.O.T. in any way is a big 'no no'. I truly think that both the 24 and 48 made an error in this interpretation and they felt that they were within the rulebook. But they were wrong. Just as the 8 car 'mistakenly' used illegal bolts on the rear wing, the 24 and 48 should have at the very least the same penalty/fine as the 8 team.

One could say that the CC for the 48 should be penalized more as a 'repeat offender', and that could be considered as well. But just like all new technology, the C.O.T. is a new animal when it comes to the rulebook. Hopefully the actions like Knaus has done will force Nascar to be more clear and specific when it comes to the rulebook, something they have failed many times in the past.

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