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Monday, June 18, 2007

Loyalty, now thats a strange word

Managing Editor of RacingOne.com, Pete Piston had an interesting claim in a recent blog titled ‘So Long Sadler?’ The most striking claim is that the ‘Southern Gentleman’ is unhappy with his race team and once again is seeking a release from his contract. Wow! That didn’t take long and we all know that Sadler has a history of not honoring a contact.

The other side of the coin is that Owner Ray Evernham equally has a history of not honoring contracts as well. So Sadler fans just possibly maybe forced to come to the realization that their driver maybe ‘fired’ before his contract comes due for a ‘better’ driver in the owner’s eyes. Note to Sadler fans, irony alert!

In jest just a few short months ago at the spring TMS race, I made the comment to a handful of Sadler fans that the ‘Southern Gentleman by the 2008 fall TMS race would be driving for DEI. I may have underestimated the time frame by over a year with recent events of the silly season.

But since day one of Sadler leaving RYR, there has been a sense of unrealism not only by Sadler himself, but his entourage as well. His spotter/PR person could be quoted in saying before the Daytona 500 this past Feb, that ‘we are going to win some races this year’. Note that he is speaking in the plural.

I recently had a blog or message board post emailed to me, but unfortunately there was no link to give the author proper credit. (The emailer’s name was generic as well, so it may have been their words but wanted to keep their anonymity, and that is too bad as this person's feelings are pretty much dead on) But it seems that there are other fans of the ‘Southern Gentleman’ that are seeing through the Sadler façade. I could not have said this better myself and is nothing different than what I have been saying for months.

There are many things, but the latest is now the man who used to do speedpark for free...well he is actually $80.00 now. They say a portion goes to his charity??? Well that is not the way to get charity funds. "I will give you an autograph, but...you gotta give my "charity money""...aint telling you how much but... If you want charity funds the way to do this is a charity drive. Not to mention behavior that has been reported from some signings and such. (and we have board members who have personally experienced his behavior)

When was the last time he or Brett, visited the SFC? Nope don't go there anymore, but am a member and word gets back...remember the promises made??? They still have people who have paid but can't access the board which is supposed to be a part of the deal. They have been contacted over and over but???? Where is their pride?? A site that is sloppy and mismatched, only slightly repaired after we contacted them several times about it, and still the response was quite flipant. Basically, they don't care what their fans think they can take it or leave it. Now this is not coming from all, I assure you, but some of the major players who should care the most.

Where are all of the activities, the fun things promised on infield parking???? Have you seen anything??? What about the fan pack. Now I actually went down there packed them and sent them out, but... do your homework. We have a lot of kid fans...What in there was for them??? Better yet...what was in them period. Look at other clubs who pay the same, a little more or even less... you will be disappointed. Now I don't join for a pack, but the items you find in there are a show of respect and appreciation of your fans...I won't say more.

I was just wondering...is it me or is it tacky to advertize your other businesses on an "official" fan club website? I don't go there to buy a car...
Yet... the messsage board rules do not allow the selling of even so much as un-used race ticket. So....hummm...rules are rules??

This is just a little background for you... there is more oh so much more.
But thinking about it gives me a headache.

Does this change my loyalty to the Sadlers...no; will I still be there for them...always; am I disappointed...very.

There is indeed ‘so much more’ isn’t there?

Then there is this recent Richmond article titled “Stuck in the spin cycle” Sadler’s latest quotes can be. Even this Richmond writer can see the similarities of the Southern Gentleman’s quotes and while the names have changed (from Glen/Eddie, to Robert to Ray) the overall theme is the same. That theme is ‘nothing to see here, move along, all is well…….at least until I can find a new gig.’ The grass is always greener on the other side of the pasture.

It is funny though, if the paying Sadler fans were to exhibit this same type of loyalty (or lack there of) maybe they should be asking for some sort of refund or compensation from their SFC membership, for non-delivered services both on and off the track.

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Snafam said...

[i] the man who used to do speedpark for free...well he is actually $80.00 now. [/i]

I am not sure where that came from. The Southern Gentleman and the Boyishly Handsome Team Mate are both doing private meet and greets for a fee, and then following it up with public signings for free, or at least with a wristband.

All they had to do was call the NASCAR Speedpark, and they would not have had to suffer through the illusion that Sadler was grabbing money.

You are right, that is indeed some loyalty!