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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I hate the WRITER'S Strike!!!

Mainly because it has made for some horrible winter TeVee watching. So the other night in my boredom, I was scanning through the google hits from this blog and noticed that while I don't blog about it, there are a huge number of race fans who are interested in the status of Elliott Sadler's personal relationships. aka 'Elliott Sadler's Girlfriend'

On the list of sites from the google hit, there was one that was simple pure gold. A message board (from reading, must be un-moderated) where there are a few threads that are almost 'Jerry Springer' like, but like the Springer show, sometimes you just keep watching, but you really don't know why.

The message board in question is the "ELLIOTT SADLER TOPIX FORUM". You will find the usual race stuff, but there are a couple of threads that have been ongoing for over a year that make some amazing claims. From "Is our boy in some legal trouble?", where claims that the 'Southern Gentleman' is being named is someone else's divorce settlement. To that marathon thread of "Breakup?", which chronicles much of the 2007 season of the Southern Gentleman's off track antics and appears to be continuing in 2008.

Some of these postings claim to be from the 'inside' and have first person knowledge of the ramblings, while others hypothesize from afar. There is even a touch from the 'Tartan 20 minus 1' if you look hard enough where the player's posting locations can be seen. Some are more obvious than others, but the Sybil like ramblings are transparent.

Who knows if even 1% of these claims have any validity or truth, but with the writer's strike, the off season, no college football and cold spell in Texas, it does make for some light entertainment.

If you have a couple of hours to kill (and I am guessing we all do right now) and you want some tabloid talk show time, there is a message board just waiting for you. Who cares about some writer's strike when you have this gold!

JERRY!!!! JERRY!!!!!! JERRY!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I post on that board every so often. There are alot more questionable posts than just the ones you mentioned. No doubt it is an anything goes message board.

Anonymous said...

I made the mistake of reading some of that, and sadly that was the biggest loss of my time. I am amazed that so-called fans can be so mean, vindictive, nasty, and bitter. I can't help but think there is someone within that mix that thinks Sadler should have been in love with her, and is peeved that he doesn't even look at her.

And we wonder why drivers stop participating on their own message boards, and their myspace pages are private. With fans like those, I would be damned sure I didn't interact with ANYONE who claimed to be a number 1 fan.

The Jerry Springer anology is right on! There are fans there who will do anything they can to spread their misery and their filth outward.

Anonymous said...

Elliott Sadler, hopefully, never has to be bothered with such rubbish.
Unfortunately, the musings of the "Hoi Polloi" are rampant but should be discounted, if not ignored all together.

The "Southern Gentleman" has enough career related matters about which to worry an on which to focus.

If he is going to love anything right now, it damn well better be that COT Dodge he needs to conquer.

He needs a good season !