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Friday, January 11, 2008


Since this is the age of the internet, many (if not most) NASCAR fans get much of their information via message boards and articles posted on the web. Every once in a while you can stumble across post and you just have to laugh at just how some NASCAR fans revise history in order to fit their mantra. Case in point from the official Ricky Rudd Fan Club Message Board a thread titled "The Mars people lied again-Snickers 08 paintscheme".

"Compared to Ricky's it $ucks!
The Mars people should get their ducks in a row before making comments. First it was M*Ms isn't coming back, then didn't they say they wouldn't use Snickers!?! They should make a paintscheme with cracked m&ms because you know Kyle will tear up some cars this year."

Followed by this:

Same Flames... except of the "Metal Backround"
I HATE MARS! Reese's should get on the #28!!!!! Then we will show them!

Now I understand that some fans can get emotionally distorted with their perception of history and even not liking a similar scheme, but lets flash back to the original Joe Gibbs Racing press release:

During the 2008 season, Mars U.S. brands will serve as the primary sponsor of JGR’s No. 18 Sprint Cup Series team for a total of 30 point races. Mars will feature the popular M&M’S® Brand colors beginning with the 50th running of the Daytona 500 on Feb. 17. SNICKERS® and PEDIGREE® also will serve as primary brand sponsors for several races. Additionally, COMBOS®, TWIX®, SKITTLES®, STARBURST and MILKY WAY® brands will provide support as associate sponsors.

Now I am sure by the time this gets back, the retractions will be in full force, but the point is that one should not let their emotions get in the way, especially for a Ricky Rudd fan. When SNICKERS (aka M&M Mars) came on board very late in the game last winter, they were actually a 'God send' for RYR and yes RR fans as well.

If I was to speculate on what really went on to pull this deal off, it was the greatness and also understanding of a long time NASCAR Sponsor that got the 88 team logos on the hood and quarter panels in the first place. At the end of the '06 season, M&Ms had just completed one year of a three year deal. The 88 had just lost it's sponsorship with UPS bolting with few prospects lining up to sign with RYR.

What M&Ms Mars did was to step in and sponsor BOTH RYR cars with the contention that by doing so, the '3 years' of the contract would be converted to 'three seasons' (two in the 38, '06&'07 and one in the 88 '07). This was a win/win for all parties involved including the fans of the driver of the 88 car. Was I happy the M&M Mars bolted to the 18? Not really, but this company wants to get back into victory lane, and they just raised the bar from what it has been over the past 5 or so seasons.

How soon we forget. Now if YATES RACING can just pull off another miracle and get some logos on the hood and quarter panels of the 28 and 38 before the Daytona 500!


Stephen said...

I like that scheme. Looks snazzy to me.

Anonymous said...

How sad that board has become. Once it had some tremendous discussions. Now, they have nothing to greet the new season. Long term fans who are facing the retirement of their favorite driver find themselves with nothing to do BUT revise history.

Vroom said...

Yates is in trouble without firm sponsors on both hoods!

The Shrub pushing candy bars is a perfect match...