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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Now here is a good idea

Just last week, I blogged about the new Nascar mantra of 'getting back to their roots', and that it really wasn't Nascar that controlled this, but the individual race venues. This morning i read this little blurb concerning a track that has started their effort in the right direction to 'give back' more to the 'average Joe' race fan.

Darlington Raceway will join the list of tracks offering “all you can eat” food and drink concession areas to its grandstands for its May 10 Dodge Challenger 500. Tickets start at $60 for adults for seats in the Colvin Grandstand in Turn 2 with unlimited hamburgers, hot dogs, soft drinks and snack items.

Fans who already have tickets or have seats in other areas can add the concession feature for $15 for adults and $10 per child under 12. The Colvin Grill area will be open two hours before the start of the race.

It maybe just one grandstand (and probably a grandstand that for what ever reason has a history of not selling out) but it does give the average Joe race fan a place to watch an all day event and not have to worry so much about spending over a $100 a person on food and drinks.

I would be curious to know what other tracks are making such an offering, but either way this is a step in the right direction.


tim said...

I think they were doing that at Humpy's House, I have to look.

Jennifer said...

They did this at the BOA 500 at Lowes Motor Speedway. We sat in turn 2 (Diamond Tower Terrace). When we showed up, we got red wristbands, and the All you can Eat stated at 6pm (I think) and last until 9pm. It was a concession stand and we stood in a LONG LONG line and just told the person what we want, 2 burgers, 2 hot dogs, etc. They had a separate line for drinks and such. They DID NOT limit how much you can get during one trip, that was what was taking the longest. People would walk up and say 12 cheeseburgers, and they would have to make them. It was a really good deal, I really liked the all you can drink because I am always thirsty!