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Friday, February 01, 2008

The long wait is now over! I'm LOST!

The wait is now over. New LOST episodes are here and not a moment too soon. As I sat with eager anticipation in a state of high alert scanning every frame for hidden treasures and clues, I found myself feeling a little sad; sad that the infinite world of LOST has become very finite. We know the show is ending in 2010 and while that seems like a LONG way away it still saddens me to know that it will be over soon and from what we’ve seen what happens to our beloved Losties the future does not look so bright. So away we go with some observations of Season 4, Episode 1, “The Beginning of the End”.

Poor Hurley, he’s had a tough life even before he won the lottery with the mystery numbers he heard in the looney bin. Life has not improved for Hugo even off the island where he is now plagued with “visions” of a dead Charlie telling him, “They need you”. He had 2 ½ minutes of freedom before the news of Charlie’s demise reached him. In those 2 ½ minutes he was free from the curse of the numbers, free from feeling like a nuisance since he ran over a few of the Others with the hippy van last season and soon to be free from the island. 2 ½ minutes that was full of fun and cannonballs in the warm, comforting ocean. Poor Hurley.

Moving on from my sympathy for Hurley let’s discuss now what Season 4 has revealed so far. Let’s start in the future, or possibly our present.

Revelation #1 – What’s with Hurley saying, “Don’t you know who I am? I’m one of the Oceanic 6!” We know now how many made it off the island. We also know who half of them are, Jack, Kate and Hurley. So this leads to Question #1 – Who are the other 3? It would be nice if it were one of the couples, but I doubt that Sun/Jin or Rose/Bernard made it together because the pregnant problem on the island and let’s face it the age of latter.

With the first revelation another question popped in my head, Question #2 – Hurley said they are Oceanic 6, but Michael and Walt left the island at the end of season 2, and they should have been “found” by now if they stayed away from the island. I still think it is Micheal who dies in the season 3 finale where Jack reads the obituary. Micheal in order to protect himself from the two murders he committed on the island, played it safe and changed his identity. (He also had to do this in order to not have to explain his 'survival' of flight 815 and what happened to the other passengers.

Moving on to Revelation #2 – Jack is not “troubled” by leaving the island now as he was at the end of last season, which took place more in the future of this Hurley flash-forward. Jack's referring to 'I am thinking of growing a beard' (as seen in the season 3 finale flash forward) helps this theory. So now moving on to Question #3 & 4 – What are they lying about? and What causes Jack to go crazy even further in the future when he seems fine with burying his guilt or whatever it is now? In a way these questions are related, what horrific thing transpired that causes our now found Losties to want to “go back” to the island? Another interesting twist is Hurley told Jack that they need to go back and Jack refuses. In the future (end of season 3) Jack tells Kate they need the go back and Kate refuses, so even further in the future will Kate go crazy and say they need to go back? (I suppose this is Question #5)

Since we are on the subject of what happened? More questions arise. Question #6 – Who is Matthew Abaddon? (which strangely and eerily means: Matthew, “gift of the Lord” and “Abaddon” being a Hebrew “place of destruction,” or hell, according to Wikipedia. In Revelations it is personified as Abaddon, “Angel of the Abyss” or the angel of death. Creepy). So, does he work for the Others? Does he work for Dharma? Also, what about his question, “Are they still alive?” Well, are they? Wait, who is they? The Others? The people on the Freighter? The other Losties? What does it all mean??? I'm LOST!!!!!!

Question #7 – Do Jack, Hurley, Kate and whoever made it home return to the island to right the evident wrong of leaving the island? and if so, when would that be? The last season? If so, once we know all of the future events would they go back to flashbacks or even future flash-forwards?

Question #8 – Is LOST done with flashbacks and only sticking with flash-forwards? You be the judge. If you are keeping track I have way more than 8 questions, but I can’t number all of them, this is LOST after all! Plus, some important questions are not mentioned here (i.e., Jacob's cabin - Was that Christian Shepherd? sure looked like him; Is Charlie alive, cause some other dude it the mental place saw him?; to name a few) but I'm sure these will be revisited in the weeks to come.

Next week more on the ongoing saga that is LOST!

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