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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Elliott Sadler Drinking Game

After a couple of years via the greatness of Pit Command on Nascar’s TrackPass Sadler fans have had the opportunity to listen first hand the back and fourth scanner chat of their driver. When one realizes that reoccurring themes play over and over, it is time for the creation of a ‘drinking game’, ala the ‘Brent Musburger College Football Drinking Game’.

Play at your own risk. It is conceivable your whole Nascar watching party will be passed out before the cross flags; let alone sticking around (or staying awake) for the Checkered flag.
Rule #1: “The car, the team, hard work and happy”

Take a drink if during a pre-race interview Sadler mentions that he is ‘happy’ with the car and that the race team ‘worked hard’ during the week, giving him a competitive car.

Rule #2: “VLP plug”

Take a drink if Sadler mentions playing ‘poker on VLP’ and how much fun he has doing that. Take a bonus drink if he notes a specific future date he will actually show up to ‘play’.

Rule #3: “The Xbox theory”

Take a drink if Sadler mentions passing time in his Motorcoach playing Xbox.

Rule #4: “you got me?………….. ti-en-foh-er”

Take a drink if during the radio check ‘Spotterman’ (Brett Griffin) asks Sadler for a radio check with the exact line of ‘you got me E’? Followed by the cocky and four to five syllable response from Sadler of ’10-4’ (insert Virginia draw)

Rule #5: "Pick a Buzz word”

Each person chooses a buzzword and whenever Sadler uses your word, you must take a drink. Examples; ‘wheel chatter’, ‘ forward bite’,


Rule #1: ‘The Centah – off’

Take a drink each time Sadler mentions the handling of the car (either tight or loose) ‘from the center, off’

Rule #2: ‘Tars. Tars, Tars’

Take a drink when ever Sadler complains about the newest set of Goodyear’s and that the ‘car doesn’t like this set of tires’ Add a bonus drink if Sadler questions the ‘codes’ of the said tires.

Rule #3: ‘the 180’

Take a drink if after pit stop chassis changes, Sadler calls for the return or revert back to the previous set-up because this change didn’t help. Bonus drink if Sadler had requested a ‘track bar’ change while the Crew Chief did not want one.

Take THREE drinks if Sadler claims that ‘this is be farwah the worst cawah I have had all weekend’

Rule #4: ‘the Attababy count’

Take a drink every time ‘Spotterman’ gives Sadler the ‘attababy’. Bonus drink if Sadler responds with a ‘You da man Brett’.

Rule #5: ‘Our you ready for some football?’

Only applicable in fall races, but take a drink every time a UNC or South Carolina football score is updated. (could be used in March for UNC post season basketball scores)

Rule #6: ‘beggars can’t be choosers’

Take a drink anytime Sadler pleads with his Crew Chief to fix the car, by using three successive ‘please’. Example: ‘Please, please, please, what evah ya do don’t make the cah any loosah!’

Rule #7: ‘Obsession with the former employer’

Take a drink each time ‘Spotterman’ makes a comment on how the 38 car is doing and how many positions needed to pass them.

Rule #8: ‘Give and take’

Take a drink for every time in the first half of a race the 19 opts to either stay out or only take two tires for track position, instead of taking the time needed to make complete adjustments and four tires on an ill handling car. Bonus drink if after the fuel run the 19 falls back deep into the field where they were before the two tire stop.


Rule #1: ‘We were better than we finished’

Take a drink if you hear Sadler promote his team is being ‘better’ than the finishing spot. Bonus drink if Sadler claims they had a ‘top 10 car’ or were ‘running top 10 speeds’ near the end of the race, even though finishing in the 20s or 30s.

Rule #2: ‘Bad luck’

Take a drink if at any time the ‘Bad luck’ excuse is posed by anyone from the team.

Rule #3: ‘Next week always comes’

Take a drink if Sadler glad hands about next week race, as in ‘we will get em next week’.

Like I said, play at your own risk. You have been warned!!!! Important safety tip: Have a designated driver ready before playing, chances are you will need it.


Anonymous said...

How in the world am I going to be able to play this game? Now, every time in the future, that I hear those well-worn, over-used phrases, I will be having to clean the 'spray' off of my computer monitor!

Thanks for the excellent laugh!

Anonymous said...

This is some funny stuff. I told my Nascar buddies about this, and we are going to try it for the Vegas race. I bet we don't last 100 laps!

Lisa said...

How do you keep coming up with this great stuff? Another instant classic. I love Elliott but you are on to something if this game catches on with his fans. I can hear it now at the next AA meeting:

"I am 'so and so', and I am an Elliott Sadler fan. I have been sober since............the last race!"

Anonymous said...

To bad Elliott isn't "The Bud Man", "The Jack Daniels" Guy or The Crown Royal King.
Those companies could make even more zillions because of your game.

Sadler just gets Sadder and Sadder.