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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Some of the great mysteries of TeVee ads

Some say that the Super Bowl is the Mecca for Television advertising, and while that does have it's place, there are still many more long term Advertising Campaigns that are full of mysteries.

Here are a few:

* The 'Kasey Khane' gals
While the first two installments of this Ad Campaign could be construed as a bit 'sexist' in nature, that is not the underlying mystery here. The real mystery is the 'fourth gal', and why she doesn't have any speaking parts. In fact , in the second commercial, she is barely seen at all. Just what is in store for this mystery gal in the future?

* The 'Sonic Dudes'
Pure genius of a campaign of the 'single guys' who feed off one another. But the mystery is, what happens when one finds a gal?

* "Fernando, you are on"
Just who is Fernando and where did he come from? And why did he agree to such a stunt. And did he get some big bucks for 'waiting' until the queue call? Good to see that NASCAR drive for Diversity program working

* "Race the truck Dale"
While I don't get tired of the 'Truck' campaign, it is about time to see that truck get some actual racing action.

* "Burger King Chicken"
A great 'look' at the history of keeping drivers and how they take care of their hunger during races. Now how will the C.O.T. affect this ad campaign next year? The possibilities are endless.

* "Waltrip/NAPA"
From, "I am at the wrong track" to "the Napa School", this campaign has been fun, but is it going anywhere? Ironically similar to the Driver's career.

Well, its off to Dega for a weekend of college football, racing and fun. And BTW, While we are leaving Wednesday mid morning for Dega, we will be pulling over around 7:30 CST and fireing up the Dish to watch the Season 3 LOST premier. Have bad have you got it?

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