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Friday, October 20, 2006

Ramblings before "Homecoming"

Its HOMECOMING weekend in Norman for the Sooners, so I am looking forward to another nice, crisp fall Saturday of OU Football. There is something special about Homecoming weekend and a school with the tradition of Oklahoma. From the Alumni Band, seeing players from the past, to the parade itself, sometimes we can even forget about the game itself! I'm thinking the Buffs coming off a huge win, and with 'AD' out, they will be bringing their "A" game. I just hope both teams play well.

But here is just a few random ramblings coming into this weekend.

* In the past two nights of the NLCS, I think I have seen more bunting than I have seen in the last five years on Texas Rangers Baseball. Gotta love 'small ball', and at least a few teams have kept it alive in the National League. Lastly, WTG CARDS!!! I didn't think they were going to pull this one out.

* What part of 'free' do they not understand? I few weeks ago we replaced our refrigerator with a newer model. From the start there were problems with 'getting rid' of the old one. The place where we bought the new unit, wanted to charge me $60 to haul off a still working refrigerator. I just couldn't go for that, so I begin soliciting friends and others asking them if they knew anyone that needed a refrigerator. The 'catch' was, all they had to do was come pick it up, no charge, just come and get it. After a couple of weeks of , 'can you bring it to me', I called a few places that accepted appliances as donations, but it took me 5 or so phone calls to find one that would actually come pick it up. Thank You Am-Vets, I now have a little more space in the garage.

* The greatness of hit counters. It is always interesting to review the blogs hit counter to actually see who is viewing. So this Friday morning I decided download the hits and take a look. Seems that last night a specific Spotter/PR Rep must have had some trouble sleeping, as the pinging of the blog had multiple hits well passed Midnight. To add to that, I decided to venture over to a notable Fan Club Message Board, and low and behold, there are a couple of threads started by the Spotter. Problem is though, after reading the topics and posts, he now sounds like a 'over night radio talk show host', attempting to drum up phone calls. He begins with the familiar, 'what's up'?, followed by his 'unofficial poll' about the COT (I guess drumming up hit counts and actual 'race talk' is desperately needed!). Then 20 or so minutes later, he follows with a "Nextel VS Cingular' thread (oh boy, note to Spoter, this type of thing has been going one since the second car had 'sponsor' on the hood to compete with the first car's sponsor. One only has to look at Rusty Wallace holding up a 'Bud Poll Award' flag or seeing him race in the Bud ShootOut, pass the salt). He ends this after a few sentences of 'Jimmy Spencer nothing talk' with, 'Your thoughts'? What is next, 'Should Pete Rose be allowed in the Hall of Fame'? Or 'Is Nascar too expensive?' (If you have ever listened to over night radio you will understand the absurdity of this type of nothingness. It must stink to be up that late. ;)

* Maybe the biggest 'time waster' of all time!
Next time the Spotter/PR dude can't sleep, maybe this might help pass the time away! The 'Africam' is a unique look via webcam (pretty high quality too) of a natural water hole on a wildlife reserve in South Africa. While the 'action' can be plentiful at times, there are also times where hours could go by without a peep. The Cam is controlled by someone and is not static, but can pan left and right, and even zoom in when needed. One message board that I frequent has a running commentary about the goings on in this little spot on the other side of the Earth. Another greatness of the internet.

* Three episodes deep into Season Three of LOST and just as the title of the show states, I am just as LOST as ever. The season premier's first five minutes has set the tone for every bomb shell after. So far we see that the 'Others' actually have a 'town' on the island, SUN is great at deception and not telling the truth (hmmmm, I know a place where she would fit in very well), and Locke has been duped and tricked into doing things that he probably normally would not do more times then we can count. My only reservation so far, is the 'time dispacement' hints given once again this season, I really hope the show does not fall back on the ole 'Star Trek' space/time continuum dealio.

* Miami/FUI
Not much can be said that hasn't already, other then. 'I went to a Hockey Match and a Miami Football game broke out. Purely disgraceful.



Jamie said...

For all the bunting in the NLCS Willie Randolph did not use that at the most important part of game 7 last night.

1st and 2nd no outs bottom of the 9th. Mets are down by 2 with the pitcher spot up and he sends up Cliff Floyd who hasn't played all series with a bad leg. He strikes out.

You need 2 runs, the runner on 1st is the tying run, so bunting them over for Reyes and Loduca to only need a single to drive them in is the smart play.

But not the play Randolph chose.

As for SFC, when you remove all the personalities just because they refuse to pay $15 for the "privilege" to post on a message board you got boring crap where nobody has an opinions. Just a bunch of indians and no chiefs.

Thurman1515 said...

I noticed spotterman was on pretty late last night too

Brett sounds like he needs to be on "coast to coast" with Art Bell!!!!!!

It is a sad day when someone has to stimulate race talk on a fan board like that one. I guess thats what needs to take place when the hottest topics are the ones making fun of the driver, and the ones worried about if he is clean shaven or not.

What a maroon.

And I dont think the Sooner can win without Peterson. Sorry about that.

Gvav1 said...

I'm a new reader of your blog! I work with a guy from OK...so I hear Boomer Sooner alot, nothing like a loyal fan base.

Nascar is a big hobby for me, as is watching Lost! I'm not trying to figure it out anymore, just enjoying it!

DangerVoltage said...

[quote]It is a sad day when someone has to stimulate race talk on a fan board like that one.[quote]

Exactly, but I guess since they really don't have any "racers" to talk about, Elliott is still whining (didn't get a good draw today for Q, you know)and Hermie...well he's Hermie never quite makes the grade, forever in his brothers shadow, heck, he can't even draw a crowd for his wrestling career.

I doubt the male participation over there is higher than one or two, unless of course they want to talk about whether Elliott shaved or not, or what his butt looks like!

Hey, Mister Spotter-dude, how late you gonna stay up tonight?

I doubt your stupid/lame ramblings are gonna bring up hits on the now failing SFC board, guess that move (to eliminate/exclude all people except the ones who want to pay to listen to your drivel)was not so good huh!

well, at least you can come here to read some good stuff and see how you can improve your style of writing and keeping things straight and above board.

Have a good evening spotter/dude, the rest of us sleep very well at night, too bad you can't

okla21fan said...

I am not one to be 'unfair' or one-sided, but I did 'flame' spotter/PR Dude about how 'Jimmy Spencer' type nothingness posts on SFC concerning some 'insomniac' posts last night.

HOWEVER!!! tonight he did seem to use that same forum (SFC) to bring much substance to his originating thread. Fair is fair

Cheaper? Maybe (and I do mean maybe) down the road but for next season teams are forced to produce two types of cars (current and COT) and all new cars (COT) for Bristol, Road Courses, Two plate races (both Talladegas), and all flat tracks -- Phoenix, Martinsville, Loudon, etc. This is a challenge especially to smaller teams with limited budgets. It's tough to get ahead when you're already behind!

Why two different styles of restrictor plate cars! That's at least 4 plate cars IF you don't wreck during the plate race(s) which is rare... These cars are mucho expensive because of excessive wind tunnel time and testing.

Why Talladega and not Daytona for the COT? In my opinion, a few years ago we had a rule change entering the Daytona 500 and it made competition decrease. That'll never happen again. So, we will practice the COT at Talladega twice before we get back to Daytona in 2008 for the 500. I completely agree with this philosophy! That should be one of the best races of the year considering all of the hype -- media, purse, debut, etc.

As for the downforce tracks -- why aren't we running any races with the COT on those next season? It's kinda simple, in my opinion... Those are the aero tracks. Those are the places where we here aero push. Will the COT be safer? I think so, especially for taller drivers such as DJ, Mikey and ES -- mainly because the driver compartment is larger. Will it make for good racing at aero tracks? I don't think so... That's why you will not see it next season... The style of the car will probably make a bigger hole in the air which could, and probably will, make an ever bigger hole in the air and could ultimately make the "aero push" even worse. We shall see...

As for the appearance of the car... It looks weird to me but I've been around this sport my entire life and it should because it is a drastic change! At this point it is all speculation. In the end, I think you'll see the same teams up front because performance is all about personnel, chemistry and RESOURCES!

Brett, you and I don't see eye to eye on many issues, but this time you 'delivered' with some insite. 'bring it' more often!

okla21fan said...

Then less than 30 minutes later , Spotterman give us this nugget of info (and once again, I'll give kudos to Brett for 'nutting' up)

SUBSTANCE!!!!! gotta love it!!!

The top-35 are locked in to the first five races, which includes one COT race -- Bristol. The 88 team is having a tough time finding sponsorship and the question of whether they will return without a sponsor has yet to be answered. This season, the 10 team is the only team to miss one of the first five races and still make the remaining races, which means those first 5 races are extremely important if you plan to make all of the races!

Here is my abbreviated Toyota analysis -- The toyota teams have a bit of an uphill battle but they do have a lot of cash... They have minimal data on the car of today and from what MWR and Team RB have shown to date has been less than impressive. The jury is out on Toyota -- their biggest challenge is they have two brand new teams and one existing team expanding to a two car operation team. What does this mean? It means 7 Toyota teams with only two guaranteed to race in the first five races -- the 22 and 44. As for drivers, DJ is solid but the others have had limited success over recent years in terms of wins. Vickers won a controversial finish and DJ's most recent win came over a year ago... The others haven't won in a while... Toyota didn't land an established team like Evernham, Hendrick, Yates, Roush, etc... Will they be successful? Yes, but I don't think they'll set the world on fire next year

Thurman1515 said...

You are right once again Phil, Spotterman did bring it last night for a change. The ironic thing about all of this is that he did it just hours after you calling him out for his Art Bell impression.

Your blog does make an impact huh?

SNAFAM said...

Phil, I really have an issue with you! That darned Africam is way to addictive!