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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Well Brett, it is a start! sort of

BREAKING NEWS! (Oct 19th, 2006 9:00 CST)
Looks like there has been much activity and damage control since this blog was posted just two short days ago.

1) The link to the
Sadler Foundation Website is now dead. (gee what a surprise) But it is nice knowing that the Sadler PR Machine understands the error in the 'effort' to rush and slap together a link to fulfill a promise from over 8 months ago was just that, a band-aid on a cut that needed stitches.

2) Fans are no longer allowed to post pictures or have personal signatures in a certain fan club message board for some strange reason now. Some have managed to have links to watermarked pictures, and then suddenly those links are gone, too! Even a 'blind man can see that' changes are due to outside influences. Perhaps this blog is one of those influences?

3) And lastly, a 'Mystic' from Austin thinks she can skin a cat. Sorry, but I have not even begun to use any of those nine lives. Beers are still on me, although a LEO and a
Taurus some times don't mix well, but I would make an exception this time and play nice. Just answer my email that you feebly 'used'.

Isn't it wonderful that such an 'insignificant' blog can much such an impact, just by exposing a few things? Thank you Al Gore!

Occasionally I ping the link of the 'under construction' Sadler Foundation Website just to see if there has been any progress to the PR/Spotter's claim of 'we are in the process of forming a Foundation website'. Much to my surprise this morning, there has actually been a bit of work (WTG goatfish!!!!) and changes to the site. And this only took eight months!!!!

No longer is the site 'under construction', but actually shows the MISSION STATEMENT. I did find it pretty interesting that the word 'cure' is used as that word realistically cannot apply to a 'brain-based disorder'. To cure means "to restore to health, soundness, or normality." In the medical sense, there is no cure for the differences in the brain which result in autism. Perhaps a more educated term would be replacing the word 'cure' with "finding better ways to understand the disorder and helping understand the most effective approaches to Autism."

One would think that such an important statement would have had more thought put into it and not be as misleading.

The 'Autism Fast Fact', however was a nice touch and something that if done more often, might help the average person who has not been directly touched by this disorder better understand it.

Of course there is a link to aid in donating to the Foundation (after all, that is the prime reason for any Foundation), but once again, the word 'cure' is mentioned. There is even a link there to the Autism Society of America but even searching through those pages, you do not find any mention of 'finding a cure'. Why is that? Because once again there is no 'cure' for a brain disorder. However there is mention of treatment and education approaches that may reduce some of the challenges associated with the disability.

Once again, the ball is being dropped by the Sadler PR machine with little if any thought being put into PUBLIC statements concerning their activities, by simply just slapping a band-aid and expecting people to blindly believe that their statement are the truth. I guess being factual is too much to ask, but then again, that is the history of this 'PR Machine'. Brett, you said it best recently on the SFC message board. "You can't always believe what you read". Were you looking in a mirror when you were thinking that? The 'pod people' will believe pretty much anything you say/write no matter how 'left field' it is. If the Foundation's Mission is to help EDUCATE the general public and to aid in TREATMENT, saying that is admirable, but to say that finding a CURE is a part of that, is simply inappropriate.

But one has to wonder had it not been for blogs such as these, if there would be ANY movement or work on the 'Under Construction' Foundation website in the first place?

The saga continues


Thurman1515 said...

Another classic blog!

And you are so right about the pod people believing anything that Mr Spotterman says. The band-aid reference was spot on.

Clementine said...

Well, well, well! Damage control in action!

I had planned to give credit to the Web team for finally getting it done, but never mind!

Thurman1515 said...

Now i see what you mean about the imaging editing. Th actual excuse given was

"**EDITED for image failure..."

that is soooooo funny because those very same images worked fine just two days ago. told about full damage control mode!

DangerVoltage said...

Is ANYONE really surprised by this move?? I truly think that those lugnuts over there, visit this blog daily and become severly "reactive", they don't seem to get that they should be "proactive".

I think that this blog is creating all sorts of chaos over there, and no one knows how to deal with it, except to remove what they put up in the first place.

Although from what I have been told that board is "Deader than Dead" these days, and perhaps here is where they come to get information, since it has all but shriveled up on that board.

Why would ANYONE PAY TO GO ON THAT BOARD?????? It's beyond me.

good job Phil

Clementine said...

quote: "**EDITED for image failure..."


So, one of the Inner Circle thought she could get away with posting a watermarked image? Too bad, her buddy the moderator did not catch it! I am convinced it is because of the actions of this blogger that it was removed!

Recently, the Inner Circle were all on the hunt for board members who had illegal signatures. They harrassed a couple of the long time members off of the board because of it. And yet if you check out the avatars of most of the Inner Circle, the rules are being violated there. A classic case of "Do as I say, not as I do!"

And oh, Phil? I hope you did not really mean to invite one of those board members to have a beer with you. I believe that a bunch of the Inner Circle will be there. You may be in danger having your eyes scratched out by those cats.

3eyedrebel said...

Thank you, Phil, for your kind and courteous invitation via email to visit at TMS and "clear the air." I doubt my schedule will accommodate such a milestone meeting, so I must sadly decline. Nonetheless, I hope you enjoy the race.

Thanks, as well, for so kindly calling attention to the watermarked image used in one of my posts. Yes, it was removed as a result of your astute observation. Sadly, my mystical powers were on hiatus that day and I committed an all-too human error. Hate it when that happens! Guess I should put the ol Ouija in the shop, huh?

EnviroChickDC said...

"I doubt my schedule will accommodate such a milestone meeting, so I must sadly decline."

Once again, actions speak louder than words. *roll eyes*