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Saturday, October 14, 2006

"All Day", Thanks for the Memories

Your father, Nelson Peterson, gave you that knickname over 10 years ago and you have been running 'All Day' ever since. There have been few college running backs who have equaled or surpassed your heart, desire, and more importantly, ability on the playing field. You are a 'one in a million' and I have been privileged and honored to watch you perform for the past three seasons.

I have seen 'live' some of the BEST, from Billy Sims, to Tony Dorsett, Barry Sanders, Hershel Walker, Thurman Thomas, Earl Campbell, Anthony Dickerson, (although I never got see to "Bo" live) and 'AD' is a player that ranks with these great college running backs.
I saw your first college touchdown live almost three years ago, and there was little doubt there was something special about you. I guess it is only fitting that your (most likely) final carry in your OU career is a 50+ yard touchdown, in which your 2nd and 3rd effort was the reason for achieving your goal and crossing the goal line.

Even though I did not get caught up in your high school and pre letter of intent hype (after all, great running backs at Oklahoma is not a novelty) after just a couple of games in your Freshman year in 2003, it was clear you were 'special'. Nelson and the rest of the Sooner Nation salutes you! You have done everything and anything that your University and the fans that goes with that has asked of you.

Thank you for a very exciting career at OU, you were a joy and a pleasure to watch on the field, and if by some small chance you want to come back for another year, Ill find it in my heart to cheer for you one more season.

Otherwise, get well and go get paid! You will be missed.

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