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Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So one of the laborious tasks after being away for a few days is to go through what seems to be the endless stack of mail that accumulates in your mailbox. Not the electronic variety, but the real, 'old fashion' snail mail type. After sale flyer after sale flyer and other junk mail, what do I stumble across? The latest October addition of the Sadler Fan Club newsletter.

I take a minute or two to thumb through it, and see the dribble of 19 cheer leading and glad handling, a bit on Hermie and his "WWE career", a plug for the EA Sports racing game, blah, blah, blah. But tucked away on page 7 are some nice pictures that seem familiar and lo and behold I see an article titled, "Hermie & Elliott Sadler Charitable Foundation" with some sort of 'information' concerning the now infamous Foundation.

The article begins with a brief history of the origins of the Foundation and it's original purpose. Then it proceeded with the Foundation's MISSION STATEMENT. Well now, isn't this a bit of irony? It wasn't long ago when Brett Griffin informed us that "If you are a supporter of Elliott and Hermie then you know what the foundation supports." So if Brett's statement was actually true and not just some form of weak spin, then what is the purpose to 'preach to the choir' in a Fan Club Newsletter? I would think that people that receive this newsletter would be big supporters of Elliott, I guess since Brett felt the need to add this, maybe this is not the case.

As I continue reading there is a review of some of the Foundation events from the past. From Bowl-a-thons, Hoops for Hope, and even the Race for Hope events are mentioned with of course the obligatory, 'look at me' approach to how much money was raised, even though the Foundation's tax records don't reflect even close to those figures.

Now, just as I said in a few previous blogs concerning this topic, I am not saying that there is any mis-appropriations of funds that the Foundation actually receives, but the more press releases Brett and his Sadler PR machine makes, the more question arise.

For example, this sentence caught my eye only because I have seen previous Foundation year's Form 990 tax returns. "May 21, 2003: M&MS Hoops for Hope, a charity basketball game between Nascar stars and media personalities, raised over $45,000." Once again, it is time we take a visit to www.Guidestar.org and review just what the Foundation claimed for the 2003 year. Scrolling down to page 6, and reading "part VII: Analysis of Income-Producing Activities". There is only ONE event listed and that was the Bowl-a-thon, and that event raised $32,077. Where is the Hoops for Hope? We all know it did indeed take place, and from other press releases of that time, we know that the funds raised went to the Autism Society of America, but the question now is, Just what was the Foundation's involvement? According to their LEGAL and SWORN tax returns, their involvement was ZERO. More importantly, the Foundation's form 990 tax return states that only $29,902.00 was donated to "other organizations", and that money came from the Bowl-a-thon.

Now some may think I am splitting hairs here, but this only shows the duping the Sadler PR machine is involved with recently. Yes, both Hermie and Elliott (and probably the rest of the Sadler Family as well) were heavily involved in the Hoops for Hope, and also were a huge influence for the event's success, but to claim that this was a "Foundation event" and to not show ANY legal revenue or expenses from this event is simply not telling the truth and could be considered unlawful. And that pattern of deception continues to grow faster than Pinocchio's nose! Where is the Blue Fairy when you need her?

I guess since the Foundation's fund raising efforts was almost non existent in 2005 (only receiving $4618.00, and that was in the form of private donations), then the 'Sadler PR machine' feels the need to embellish previous event facts and figures to help continue the 'look at us and what we have done' syndrome. What one has done in the past is fine and a worthy thing, having to voice about it with continual inconsistencies is the problem.

"You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all of the time." P.T. Barnum

It is sort of funny though, I have been happy to comply with reasonable recent requests by a specific PR/spotter, but there has been a gross failure to reciprocate. But on the other hand, it is becoming more clear each day that blogs like these are indeed making an impact, and that can only be a good thing.

The saga continues.


DangerVoltage said...

WOW, they are still sending out newsletters, I find that amazing I thought they would save the money spent of producing and mailing such things, since it seems the Sadlers are all about money!!

I also find it to be curious that they listed the Hope for Hoops as a Foundation Event and yet there is not record of it in the tax forms, how does that work anyway? I like Phil would not accuse them of mis-appropriation of funds, but I would accuse them of lying and possibly doing some very creative bookkeeping.

I think this rah-rah type cheering in the newsletter indicates rather forcefully, that the Sadlers do feel the rath of the disgruntled fans and this is damage control..you give the people a little, show how "up front" you are being and the people will just write off the nay-sayers and believe and trust the Sadlers, with no questions asked. In this day and age, that just doesn't happen, oh we know there will always be those people wearing the rose-colored glasses, oogling Elliotts Ass or whatever, but the intelligent person will not stand for the hogwash coming out of their mouths unless it is back up by facts in black & white. We require PROOF, we are not a trusting society anymore. This is a fact that those in Sadlerville, seem to be missing. Are they that isolated in their own little villa, that they are oblivious to the things that are happening in the world? Are they that stupid? To me it seems so, in my world - if you give a little information and it all has a positive spin on it, then you are more than likely hiding something, and I will ask questions and I will continue to ask questions until I get answers that satisfy me.

Phil, you refer to recent requests from a certain PR/Spotter and yet the return information you are receiving is nil, are you surprised? This blog is frustrating them to no end, and once again they must appear to be "open and honest", but nowhere is it written in their rule book that they MUST reciprocate with anything, they just need to know, what you know, so they can once again be REACTIVE to whatever comes next and they can also set up some DAMAGE CONTROL, with a pre-emptive move. It is just ridiculous.

You referred to this spotter in another blog as being one of the best, I wouldn't dispute that, mostly because I don't know that as fact, however, I would suggest that he turn in his business manager licence and stick to spotting, because it sounds to me like he does a much better job spotting than he does as a business manager. I have absolutely no respect for him as a person, or in his abilities as a business manager, actually I think he is severly lacking in both.

Now I must say that of course all this cannot be laid at just his feet, because we all know Mama Bell is the controlling figure in this family, and this particular individual must take his orders from her, however, since he is at the forefront, his name is the one that appears first in articles and to tell the truth If I were him, I might take issue at what this is doing to his reputation.
You know the Sadlers have some wonderful charities that benefit from the money, but open and honest is the way to go here, it is much easier to remember the truth, than it is a lie!

the fans make you and the fans can break you and they can also drag this out forever............that little bit of "tarnish" that just won't go away, no matter how hard you wipe it.

Clementine said...

Hmmm..."the fans make you and the fans can break you!"

What an interesting statement! It is especially notable since many long time fans are saying they are being 'run off' of the Sadler Fan Club board. I hear most of the participating fans are newbies, most of whom ask questions about what they are seeing on the track, and there is no one who can answer them. They appear to be those a** watchers, who only care about if he has shaved, if he has cut his hair, or what color of firesuit or shorts he wears.

Other reports say that the board is made up of folks who make fun of Elliott. They chastise him for the way he dresses, how he speaks,and how he appears on television, and also suggest that he is too stupid to know how to drive. But, I guess if it is all in fun, that makes it A-Ok!

Spotter-dude is on the Fan-board a bunch lately, and has been posting more frequently. One must assume that since he is there, and he seems to respond to many of the posts, that it is ok with him that they consider Elliott to be so stupid. But, then, perhaps Spotter-Dude KNOWS exactly the IQ of his driver, and is taking full advantage.

It is an amazing thing, watching the transisiton of a long term, die-hard, gung-ho fan into one who is seriously pissed off. It appears that the pissed off fans have a reason to be pissed. Too bad, because when Elliott's career falters, those long-term fans are the ones who would have supported him through think and thin. But, it looks like the Sadlers and Spotter Dude just don't care.

Buster21 said...

My understanding from earlier this year was that letters were written to attys general and consumer watchdog agencies who were going to investigate this situation, but I never heard any results. Did that not happen, or did they investigate?

okla21fan said...

I'll just say this, case number(s) have been assigned by a couple of agencies.

Thurman1515 said...

I have found that dealing with any govt agency is slow going and sometimes the resolution is never known. They are rarely in a hurry to get anything done, especially over a $800 auction. More damage is done to the reputation of an organization by just reporting such stuff, then any legal results that transpire. I just hope one of the agencies in which a report was filed was the BBB.

Buster21 said...

okla21fan said...
I'll just say this, case number(s) have been assigned by a couple of agencies.

But no outcomes? Are then investigations or just case numbers? I had hoped the notification of official agencies as promised would have exposed and wrong-doing. Is that not happening?

Thurman1515 said...

"as promised"?

Who made promises to you? No "promises" were made to me, I feel cheated!! Hey Phil, where are my promises? My guess the reason for the Blogger distancing from your repeated question of this, is that there has not been a final outcome. I don't know alot of how all this works, but problably there is nothing to report at the time. Just guessing from other blogs, when he finds out, he would let us know. Like I commented before, no offical agency is going to put alot of effort in a 800 dollar auction. The fact that there have not been any other auctions like this, says alot.

Buster21 said...

Nearly one year ago, these issues were reportedly given to officials and oversight agencies according, but to date, only case numbers have been assigned? What is the delay? Bureaucracy?

Also, who have these reports been given to and what agencies have assigned case numbers? I have information I can add to these cases and would like to do so since I have donated in the past.

Can you provide those?

okla21fan said...


If you honestly have additional information, then I suggest you contact your local BBB or other watchdog groups, as I did by simply passing on 'first person' information and history. I am not the voicebox for something that did not happen to me personally as that would not be prudent. The intent of reporting such things is not to get a result or punishment, but to get the organization to do it correctly the next time.

In this day in age, separate reporting of a group is still linked together, no matter how many different case numbers that could be assigned.

Buster21 said...

OK Thanks. I thought several agencies were notified, like attys general, state tax authorities and charity regulators, but I must have misunderstood. I will start with the BBB and tell them you have already reported it as well so these can be "linked".

okla21fan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
okla21fan said...

A number of agencies you cited were alerted, after starting with the BBB. But frankly, it is best to leave it at that at this time. I cannot report anything that happen to you directly as that is hearsay and is not my place to report.

If you would like to email me privately, that is fine. (my email is on the profile) But since none of the case numbers have been closed, I was instructed to not comment further until they were, other than to say that different agencies have been notified.

If it makes you feel better, shoot me an email, and go from there, other wise, much of this is out of my hands.