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Friday, September 29, 2006

Ramblings during a BYE week

So the Sooners have a bye week which makes for a freed up Saturday for my normal fall routine. But here are a few random thoughts this week.

* note to T.O: While your accident was very unfortunate and probably even scary, do you think it might be time to get a new 'Publicist'?

* It doesn't matter who your are playing, but the Auburn 3rd quarter was some fine ball control football. I don't think I have ever seen a team keep the ball away from the other team for a whole quarter.

* What is up with the STL Cardinals? Melt down of the century?

* Notre Dame is a good football team, but lacks consistancy.

* Va Tech is a consistant football team, but lacks 'star power'.

* College football polls should not be allowed until the 6th week of the season (see above two lines)

* The Chase system in Nascar is still much more enjoying to watch than the old system.

* Delima note: Last Nascar season, there was a small, mostly unoticed change in the schedule that moved the fall Dega race back one week. Which now falls on the same weekend as the 'Red River Shootout'. This well be the first year since '98 that I will miss the OU/Tex game. (That CTS race at Dega better be a good one!!)

* While I love the idea that gas prices have dropped considerably, the price of Diesel has had little change. Not a pleasant thought when pulling a 36' fifth wheel 1000 or so miles to Dega next week.

* How does that coach for team 'Bye' keep his job? I don't think I have ever seen him win a game!!!

* I'll 'fall fertilize' the lawn this Saturday. Thats a scary thought as I have little knowledge of what I am doing. If the lawn turns brown this winter, I plead the fifth and blame 'Scotts weed and feed'!!!

* At lastly, Saturday Night, the camp grounds at Fall Dega is probably the best atmousphere in Nascar, second to none. College Football on the dish, Deep in the heart of SEC country where they truly understand the greatness of the game. and oh yeah, the next day is a pretty fun Nascar race as well!


Thurman1515 said...


No Longhorn comments? BOOOOOOOO!!!

You are right about Viginia Tech, but I think their starpower is their special teams. When playing them, you may as well spot them 7 or so points just for the great special teams play.

Jamie said...

Just like our 04 team that won the ACC. No stars, but they play as a team.

Plus the ACC stinks this year

SNAFAM said...

Response to your 'ramblings'

If you mess up your Lawn, don't blame me just because my last name is the same as that product. I sugges following directions carefully, and applying BEFORE you open a chilly!

I am NOT a baseball fan, but a new member of my household enjoys watching it. WHAT was the point of the whole Phillies/Marlins match up last night. Embarassing!

Chase system is doing exactly what was promised. All you have to do is look at the Busch series, and see what can happen without some sort of play off. However, NASCAR does not need to be playing and tweaking.

Humpy and NASCAR need to stop looking at gimmicking up the Winston, er...the All-star. The wild card vote was too much of a gimmick, in my mind.

How about that Denny Hamlin. We know he had beaten all of his expectations for this year. Is it too early to wonder if he will suffer a sophomore slump next year?

Wait, why am I typing this HERE! I should be typing it in my own blog! I think I will take this and use it as a start!

I hope you enjoy 'Dega!