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Sunday, May 11, 2008

That was quick

Before one could say "track too tough to tame" the 19 was behind the wall. And it wasn't long after that the emails began to flow my directions asking what I thought of 'my driver' now.

Now I have rarely faulted the on track 'Southern Gentleman', and once again in this case, I don't fault him at all. I certainly didn't fault the new Candyman last week for getting into the 'Nation' last week, and this week is no different for the 19.

A few observations though:

I like what Spotterman (Brett Griffin) was doing just after contact. He never quit spotting, and was coaching Elliott to 'keep the car up there if you can' (out of harm's way). Once the green flag flies, Griffin never quits, you got to give credit where credit is due.

Also the way Sadler handled the post race. While in many ways one could consider he was being a bit hard on himself, he took full responsibility. It might be one thing if Sadler attempted to pull moves like this out of his butt week in and week out, but this is something that rarely happens.

It will be interesting to hear Tony Stewart on Sirius Monday with his response. Honestly, there isn't much he can say that Sadler hasn't.

Some are falling into the bad luck Sadler' trap, and that maybe true. But I'll just chalk this one up to just one of those deals that happen now and then.


3 said...

Elliot is a good person and a good driver, I would love to see him win. The sport needs more drivers in victory circle. Still vrooming...

Snafam said...

Tony was not upset with Sadler, at least by the time he started his broadcast.

He said that Sadler came to his coach after the race, and they got it worked out.