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Friday, May 23, 2008

The 'Godfather' of the Oklahoma Wishbone

Late yesterday evening the news came across that wires that Former Oklahoma Quarterback and Lieutenant Governor, Jack Mildren had finally lost his battle with stomach cancer.

See the footage below for a taste of Mildren’s brilliant captaincy of the ‘bone against a hapless Oklahoma State team, a clue of the reads and on-field brainbrawn that got Oklahoma 472.4 yards rushing per game in 1971, a standing record in the NCAA’s books.

I actually attending this Sugar Bowl game as a young Lugnut of 9 years old. #11 was greatness in the 40-22 win over Auburn.

From his presence on the field to the political world to being on the radio, the guy brought a very personal touch to everything he did. His call-it-like-I-see- it mentality was refreshing, not afraid to hold back what he thought.

'Thanks' to Jack for being a Sooner and a class act.
You'll be missed.

Jack Mildren
October 10, 1949-May 22, 2008

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