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Monday, May 12, 2008

Even Hitler wants to attend the Elliott Sadler Barn Party!

But he too is frustrated with the lack of timely information and official releases for the Sadler Fan Club event!

It's the middle of May, and still waiting for 'more details to come'. Only leaks of information and speculation. One has to wonder just how realistic this spoof is for the everyday Sadler fan reaction upon hearing about this stuff from other fan clubs.


Anonymous said...

That is so perfect.

Anonymous said...

An instant classic!

Anonymous said...

Mein Gott! That's funny!!!

BTW, as of today, an average flight to Richmond in September w/rental car and hotel through Sunday runs about $1,200 if you buy TODAY. Add race tix, souvies, barn party tix, food, gas & incidentals -- and you've got one EXPENSIVE "Fan Appreciation" event! I guess they only appreciate the "elite" fans who are immune to economic woes!

Anonymous said...

Laughing my patoot off.