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Monday, May 19, 2008

Elliott Sadler, next time just give the THUMBS UP!

There is still time for Elliott Sadler to rethink his emotional statements from last Saturday night's All-Star 'open' Race.

One could say that he was just speaking out of anger of just being taken out of a non points race, but so far the 'Southern Gentleman' has been very quite. Sadler apologists are in full defense mode and are fully consumed in the effects of the kool-aid. Maybe instead of passing the cup around, they should just take a moment to read that 'Whats his name' did indeed address the contact and took FULL responsibility for it. Much the same way the Sadler did the week before for his 'rookie mistake' during a POINTS RACE.

But this blog from SNAFAM pretty much says it all and much better than I could. At least until either Sadler or Brett Griffin decide to come out of hiding and renege on their not very well thought out original comments.

I'm not holding my breath though, but if they do re-address this, I'll be happy to post it, but maybe next time this happens Elliott, just give a simple THUMBS UP on TeVee. Chances are it will be a better PR move. I am sure there will be more to say about this as time goes on.


Anonymous said...

AJ apologized before they ever interviewed him, as soon as he got out of his car. And Elliott's zinger was blatant pot calling the kettle black. He apparently has a short memory if he can't remember a week back. I'm just about over Elliott and some of his fans, even though I can see that he had a right to be pissed when he had a good car. I can understand that it was anger talking. I just don't take to drivers deliberately putting down other drivers. It shows a singular lack of class.

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it, but I don't think Elliott is into racing like he should be. He has sucked, for whatever reason, for the two years I've been his fan. I'm so sick of his whining on the radio. I agree and am about fed up with him. Also, I talked to a guy that was the catch can man for Derrick Cope last year in the Busch series and he said Elliott is a nice guy, in front of the cameras. Off camera he's arrogant and not so nice. I believe it, but was disappointed to hear it just the same. He also said Jimmie, Denny, DJ, JR, Tony, Mark Martin, and a few others were not nice guys. He said Kasey, Scott, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Petty, Matt Kenseth, the Busch boys and a bunch others were super nice, on and off the camera. I'm changing drivers.