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Thursday, February 01, 2007

This JAYSKI thing isn't so hard

I have often complained to friends and others about how Jayski can 'get away' with posting his 'rumors' and such, then after a day or two the 'denied' stamp is ultimately given. My point of contention is that it is not a hard task to re-post a claim from another site, be it a creditable site or source, or not. So I thought I would pull a 'Jayski' and re-post some claims, speculations, and opinions from other unconfirmed sources concerning recent Nascar events from the satirical side. (well, some really are not directly related).

Robert Yates Racing behind the learning curve with the C.O.T.?

With both his Cup drivers leaving the racing team last season, and having to hire a rookie who still has his baby teeth and later having to pull some geriatric our of his retirement, RYR fell a little behind in the development of the C.O.T. Recent testing photos at an undisclosed location show just how far behind the race team truly is. But the owner is confident that his cars will be 'running like they were on rails'. I guess he didn't get the memo.

Date line: January 2007
'Southern Gentleman' claims he is off the market and ready to settle down even though just two months before public claims of 'I can't see myself settling down anytime soon'. 'Mystery' girl has yet to be found or captured in public, but has been seen too many times on the same street just two houses down from the twenty-six and three houses from the Nine. Ready to 'settle down' after just a couple of months? Where is Miss Tennessee or TJ when you need her? If this mystery woman truly can settle him down, the lack of focus issue claims in past blogs have been validated.

And it seems that he is not the only one catching some spring fever. Looks like one of Nascar's most 'popular' drivers has found himself a 'classy lady'. But you got to give her credit, she does understand the importance of endorsing the sponsor! Can't help to wonder just which hand rocks this cradle. The steering wheel hand, or the shifting hand?
More personalities than SYBIL
Looks like 'Da Driver' of the Tartan Twenty Minus One is falling victim to multiple personalities based on her recent spin concerning her absence on SFC. Claims and justifications cover the whole spectrum as the Kool-aid flows. She is bouncing from side to side more than a PONG game with her recent digs pointed at the "Southern Gentleman/theSpotter/theGoatfish, one might think she has succumbed to the dark side of the force. There just has to be more to this story.
But maybe this newly re-released DVD might be more appropriate, for the now Modless world. The latest events rival the "Porn Queen" and the world she created/creates. The common theme for both is taking their toys and running off to a new land.

Imitating the Cup Champion?
Seems Cup drivers all over Nascar are attempting to duplicate the magic seen last season by the reigning Cup Champion. While one might think that the golf cart etiquette seen recently by the Cup Champion would be a smart thing to emulate, it is a common theme among drivers who desperately are searching for some success.

Yuku proves to be greater challenge for amateur webmaster. Paying customers refused access, while new customers and long time customers have no where to turn but to counterfeit message boards.

How soon some forget
It was just a few short months ago that fans of a 'retired' driver were begging for him to take a ride, any ride. If that meant driving for some spare team 'part time' that was going to be fine with them. Now in just a few short months, these same driver's fans have gone from that, to now wanting to dictate the car's paint scheme, to asking that the number font be changed because it 'looked to much' like that old sponsor's and owner's font. The icing on the cake seems that the homophobic nature of these fans are upset and involved in a letter writing campaign to that very same sponsor that bailed this race team out because of a Super Bowl commercial! Taking things a little personal on the Ricky Rudd Fan Club Forum these days? Its just a commercial, have a little thicker skin. But I guess we should all get used to it, as we are just weeks away from the commencing of calls for FatBack to Crew the 88.

See, this Jayski thing isn't so hard! First Jayski, now Blogski!!!!!

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