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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Bob Uecker would be proud

Bob Uecker's famous tag line of "must be in the front row!" certainly applies to Robert Yates Racing and his very proud Mars sponsored cars.

Some might think that RYR 'is back', but I will wait at least a a dozen or so races before passing that kind of judgment. After all, this very same race team held identical starting positions in the last CUP plate race at Talladega.

Maybe instead of claiming 'they are back', a better line might be 'same song, different singer'.

I will say this, both the 38 and 88 teams seems to have some chemistry going and even a sense of 'believability' in the comments and quotes that hasn't been seen at RYR in a couple of years. Its refreshing to say the least.

on the the 'Twins' where some heavy hitters need to race their way into the big show. (hopefully before Thursday, I'll have parts 2 and 3 of my worthless pre-season predictions finished)


Onebadwheel.com said...

I'm a big Ricky Rudd fan. Very stoked that they are up front. I doubt we have to wait a dozen races though. Yates is still behind the eight-ball on his other track programs.

Here's hoping for a good Daytona run for RYR though!

Gvav1 said...

Is RYR back? Only father time will tell us!

I am happy for the Rooster...and his little buddy, Gilligan!