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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Predictions (part 1)

Its that time of year to throw some darts towards the Nascar board and make a few predictions for the upcoming season. Probably best to break this up into a few parts, so here goes nothing.

The 'Could go either way' teams

These are teams that have the potential for various reasons to finish in the Chase or find themselves struggling to earn enough owner points to keep them in the top 35. (not in any particular order.

1) Mark Martin -- New team for Martin and a team that has showed spots of greatness, but not the consistency that Roush gave the new driver. (Good prediction) finishes 11th in points (bad prediction) finishes 25th

2) Denny Hamlin -- Super season last year but can he duplicate that effort? (good prediction) finishes in the top 5 (bad prediction) finishes 18th

3) Elliott Sadler -- Maybe the biggest question mark going into this upcoming season. Is the focus there? Will the equipment hold up? Will he get frustrated and give up when the going gets tough? (good prediction) finishes in the top 10 (bad prediction) finishes 24th

4) Jamie MacMurray -- The first half of the season will make or break his future at Roush Racing as Jack most likely will not allow a repeat of 2006. (good prediction) 13th (bad prediction) 30th

5) David Gilliland -- Has alot to learn still, be early reports show that he finally has a team-mate willing to help him. That fact maybe the most important factor for this race team. (good prediction) 15th (bad prediction) 30th

6)Juan Pablo Montoya -- Can he drive this style of racing? probably, but it will take some time for him to take advantage of his abilities in this adjustment period. (good prediction) 14th (bad prediction) 27th

7) Dale Jarrett -- Only Toyota driver on this list. (as the others will not be given much chance at all) Jarrett has been mailing it in for a couple of seasons, will he continue to do so? (good prediction) 16th (bad prediction) 38th

8) Ricky Rudd -- History has showed that if given the equipment, he can be a top 10 driver. The question is can RYR do that? (good prediction) 7th (bad prediction) 20th

Like I said, its throwing darts, but it can't be any worse than some of the guys on ESPN or Fox! Next up: "the Pretenders'

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Gvav1 said...

Picking Nascar is throwing darts, but that's the beauty of the vrooming!