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Monday, February 19, 2007

SFC Members Usually Get Kissed First

There has been enough overkill about the instant classic finish of yesterday's race, and over-all another successful Daytona race week so I will spare you of my takes on the race.

That being said, there have been a few new developments over the weekend with the "Southern Gentleman and posse", in their treatment of paying fan club members.

On Saturday before the 500 the "Southern Gentleman" actually posts on his fan club forum (ironically just a few minutes after 'Spotterman' also posts. I smell a ghost writer). But what is strange about this post is that is is basically directing readers to go 'check out' his 'new' account on Infield Parking (basically a My-Space clone). If this sounds much like a broken record it was just about this same time last season when the "Southern Gentleman" launch his My-Space account, and the debacle that haunted him for months after (and even still does to this day). Even similar phrases were used, "I think this deal will be a lot of fun".

But what really struck me is that the paying members of SFC were told that one of the perks for membership would be more direct and exculsive contact with the "Southern Gentleman" via the 'members only' fan club message board. Since May of 2006 that 'exculsive contact' has been in the form of 7 individual posts. That's right, seven posts in almost ten months . The last two being this past weekend in which both of them are hawking this 'new Infield Parking' site.

'The icing on the cake is that the "Southern Gentleman' is now 'blogging' on his Infield Parking site. Now this would not be such a big deal, but here are a few things to remember. Infield Parking is available to anyone on the Internet and is a free service. As a part of the SFC membership, promises of 'exclusive contact' were made, however this now seems to be in the form of an advertisement to go else well for 'free content'.

So remind me, just what are the paying members of SFC actually paying for again?

One would think that they would have learned from their mistakes made last season concerning such things as this. But once again, we see another 'promotion' that has not been thought out very well.

Another nice start for the off-track antics of the "Southern Gentleman", at least the on-track stuff started off very well for him.

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M said...

Sooo....The SFC now has a whole forum devoted to Infield Parking?

I do think Infield Parking is a bit more controlled, at this time, than Myspace. His personal site looks better than the one for Myspace.

I see where there may be SFC related stuff on IP...what gives with that? It takes the fun out of being a SFC member if anyone can participate. And, wasn't the whole deal with going private on the message board to give something exlusive to the paying members?

Oh well....gotta love the fact that he stays true to form!