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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

So Its Super Bowl Week

Like it or not, it is that time of year again. Here are a few worthless Super Bowl thoughts and questions.

Who says the NFL is an 'American Sport'?
In this day of age where many feel that the U.S. should be an 'English only' communication country, isn't it odd that the Super Bowl uses Roman Numerals to identify their games? Maybe the 'Super Bowl' of Nascar should take the NFL's lead, and change the name of their crown jewel race to the 'Daytona D'.
Good ole days syndrome?
The other night I caught on the NFL Network a replay of the original broadcast of Super Bowl XIII (that's Super Bowl 13 for us 'Americans)and I couldn't believe some of the things I heard from the broadcast team. To this day, I still hear just 'how much better the old broadcasts were' (sound familiar?) and why the game was my 'pure' back then. Now Super Bowl 13 was in 1978 and broadcast by NBC with Curt Gowdy handling play-by-play and color commentators Merlin Olsen and John Brodie. Dick Enberg served as the host and also helping out for NBC's coverage were Bryant Gumbel and Mike Adamle.

This was Gowdy's seventh and final Super Bowl telecast and for good reason. Some of his comments about the game were so off the wall, it made Jimmy Spencer sound half way intelligent. But the kicker came from Merlin Olsen when midway in the first quarter Dallas intercepted a Pittsburgh pass deep in the Cowboys territory thwarting a Steeler touchdown. Olsen interjected with this gem. "Had the Steelers scored a TD that would have crushed the Cowboys, and put this game out of reach." 'Out of reach' is 14-0 in the first quarter? I guess it was back then!!!!
May is well throw darts
Like the validity of pre-season testing speeds and how they don't seem to translate to success during the Nascar season. I don't think I saw anyone picking the Bears to make the Super Bowl. In fact, very few even felt that the Bears would make the play-offs.
Yes, it is a circus
Yesterday was 'media day' at the Super bowl and the next time your hear someone complain about the 'circus' that is perceived to be a Nascar pre-race show, remind them of this. Two failed try-outs for the latest American Idol contest were present at media day with full press credentials. Yes, I am speaking of the pair the 'became Friends' in line, and that Simon basically called one of them a 'jungle monkey' and the other over weight kid who didn't seem to be the sharpest tool in the shed. Why they were there is beyond me, but the fact that they were tells all about the buildup of this game, and the sideshows that now go with it.

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Gvav1 said...

Way back when I use to watch the Game of the Week on NBC, yep...one baseball game was on the telly each week. Gowdy and Kubeck were A+....