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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Is it predicting if it has already happened?

Last weekend the 'Great Ice Storm' of 2007 was supposedly going to hit the DFW area and even though that never really developed, I did spend most of the weekend at home, 'waiting it out'.

Through the greatness of Tivo, I was able to re-watch a dozen or so 'key' episodes of LOST in search of any additional clues. While I didn't notice much new that I had not seen when I original saw any of these episodes it was a good way to refresh the brain and get it ready for the return of Season 3 LOST that is set for a couple of weeks.

I also hit a couple of selective LOST forums that will post some 'spoilers', but not ones that could give the future plot or story line away. From one such thread I read this:

"There will be a big reminder this season that on the island, it’s still November of 2004 and only three months have passed, which will help lead to “a major shakeup coming soon.”

We were reminded that the time period was indeed late 2004 when Desmond looked at the 'printouts' that Locke had found at the Pearl Station and brought back to the Swan Hatch. These printouts logged the pressing of the button in the Swan Hatch. In the Season 2 finale, Desmond saw the date of the 'system failure' on Sept 22nd, 2004 for not pressing the button causing Flight 815 to crash . We were reminded again, that it was still roughly that same time period when Ben speaks to Jack about various current events since the plane crash, such as the re-election of George W. Bush to the American presidency, the sudden death of Christopher Reeve and that the Boston Red Sox had won the 2004 World Series.

By the end of Season 3, episode 6 ('I Do') we know (for those who have been counting) that 73 days has passed since the plane crashed on Sept 22nd 2004, making the date and time at the end of episode 6 sometime in the afternoon on Nov 24th 2004. We also know that about 5 days before, the 'others' talk about something significant happening in 'two weeks' (roughly the first few days in Dec.). That event may or may not be related to the 'earth shaking' news though, but it does help us 'track time' on the show.

We know that at the end of Season one, 44 days had passed, at the end of season two 67 days and roughly 6 days have passed so far in Season 3. Who do not really know how many more days might be covered in the remaining episodes of Season 3, but lets just assume that each season will cover around 35 days on average and that Season 3 will end sometime around Jan 1st 2005.

Just what could be the 'real life' event that would remind us of the late 2004 time period?

My first 'knee-jerk' thought that came to mind was the well documented Tsunami that occurred on Dec 26th 2004. That would be most definitely be a 'major shake up'. But there is one huge flaw in that line of thinking. The Dec 26th Tsunami effect the Indian Ocean, not the Pacific Ocean where the survivors are located.

Here are a few other possibilities?

December 1st, 2004
An Indonesian MD-82 from the charter airline Lion Air crashes in Central Java, killing at least 31 people and injuring at least 62 people. (however, Central Java is not a location anywhere near we have been led to believe the plane crashed.)

December 15th, 2004
A US$85 million test of the U.S. National Missile Defense system by the Missile Defense Agency is aborted when an unknown anomaly is detected before the launch of an interceptor missile in the Marshall Islands, 16 minutes after the launch of the target from Kodiak Island, Alaska. It is the first test since a previous failed test in 2002. As in 2002, the Bush administration abandons plans to activate the system by the end of the year, and projects its activation in early 2005.

December 23th, 2004
An earthquake of moment magnitude 8.1 occurs at 14:59 UTC, 305 miles north of Macquarie Island.

I'm going with the 'aborted' missile theory. Wouldn't that be an interesting and unexpected twist?

Okay, enough of that distraction, racing is just a few weeks away!


Sophia said...

Came across your blog very interesting!!!

Gvav1 said...

LOST, like Nascar, is quite unpredictable!