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Friday, January 26, 2007

Its Okay to Change Your Mind

Reading the "Southern Gentleman's" quotes from the LMS media tour yesterday I could see that it was more of the same 'pre-season driver speak' as seen in the past 7 seasons. However, towards the end, there was a new twist offered, that we as fans have not seen before. A 'new domesticated Elliott'? Here read the quote for yourself.

"I'm pretty close to becoming domesticated. It's something that hits you like a ton of bricks and it's definitely hit me. I've definitely found someone I want to settle down with and raise a family. I think that has a lot to do with the attitude I have right now. She's shown me the brighter side of life and what life's all about. It's gonna happen pretty quick. I'm definitely off the market."

Now I know for a fact that the Southern Gentleman's support staff and posse read this blog on an almost daily basis, let alone many of his Plaid clad groupies and I have previously made the claim that these blogs actually do some good in terms of making one have a much needed reality check. So if the Southern Gentleman truly is honest (yes, we know that can be a stretch) with his fans about this new revelation, it falls right in line with many of my complaints about his off track life style I sited this past season. Him having a reality check like this can only be a good thing and I applaud him for admitting it.

But first there might be some house cleaning to do.

1) Since the Southern gentleman mentioned specifically about 'raising a family', it might be a good time to edit the Official My-Space site's quote listed under CHILDREN as, "I don't want kids" (after all, we have seen a few edits of this nature with the "don't drink" to an omission)

2) If such a personal comment is acceptable for the official fan club website front page, I am thinking that allowing such a quote on the official message board would not be expunged in less than a few minutes. (just who is driving that bus anyway?) Nice consistency there. But this is not the first time the Southern Gentleman has claimed to be 'off the market' and even announce an engagement, so I guess attempting to squelch any pod people talk of this is prudent until we actually see a see a prenuptial signed by both parties.

3) Clear those temporary Internet files before allowing the mystery woman access to your laptop, and while you are at it, get a new cell phone, and may as well get a new number in order to avoid those late night calls from the 'locals'.

So maybe this is a new chapter in the volatile and controversial career of the Southern Gentleman and his posse. If he truly does want to change many of the things he is claiming, then one can only support his efforts as it can only be a positive influence on the track. The distractions noted in this blog alone from the past could account for at least 5 or 6 positions in the drivers standings. But history has shown that this type of pre-season driver speak is common for the Southern Gentleman, and along with that history, a failure to follow through with much of that speak. This could simply be just another train wreck in the making. I hope history does not repeat itself in this case, as it seems that a 'happy' driver, translates to better performance on the track.

side bar:
I think from now on I'll add a satirical 'motivational' poster to end many blogs, depending on the topic for a giggle. So I present motivational poster #1.


justacat89 said...

Great poster...but just to be clear...the girl in the picture is engaged all right...but to another guy - LOL

Snafam said...

One must learn important lessons from this. Lesson numbero uno, never, ever drink a cup of coffee when reading this guy's blog!

And second, be careful who is wielding a camera! You never know if they will publish it on the 'net, where anyone can find it.

And third, be careful when traveling down roads once traveled, some of the same potholes will there, and then there will be new ones ready ready to wreck you.

DangerVoltage said...

Okay Phil, now that is some funny stuff. Snafam he got me too LOL only I was drinking a pop at the time LOL

I also found it to be really "funny" that it is on the official page yet, the members of the SFC had the thread removed within minutes of it going up.......is that not a case of "do as I say, not as I do".

My understanding is that the enrollment to that website is very low in compared to other years,(and I note this is what the PTB wanted - to be exclusive) and yet these "faithful" fans are not allowed to comment or offer congratulations to their driver........SAY WHAT?? They surely are getting a BANG FOR THEIR BUCK......NOT!!

Come on Spotterman, get your sheeeet together, or your fanbase will shrink even smaller, you have your select few to post, what don't you trust them? Do you think they will post nasty things? Hey you made it exclusive, haven't you given them the official rules yet? "Follow where we lead you, post only what we want you to, your opinions do NOT count, but ours do"

Phil, that poster is PERFECT!!

Gvav1 said...

You're going to town on your commentary these days, gr8 stuff!