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Monday, January 15, 2007

Random Thoughts

Pre-Season Thunder:
Pre-season Thunder continues this week with group number two and after this week we still will know little concerning which teams have improved and which teams have not. Plate speeds/times simply put, are a crap shoot when it comes to comparing with other teams. 'Catching' the draft at the right time, on a single lap, then 'finding' a hole to drive through, then having a partner continue to push you are all key factors in making that 'top 10 lap'. While after the fact, if we were to compare Pre-season Thunder speeds to the final Daytona 500 race standings, chances are there would be little rhyme or reason to either list.

Stewart wins 2nd Chili Bowl:
At first glance this feat might not look like a big deal for one of the most accomplished drivers in Cup, but this win does mark the first ever win for Stewart driving a car that he was the owner. I have heard that racing in the Chili Bowl is racing at it's 'purist form'. Considering the prize money offered, it is clear that few entries are in this race for the money.

SPEED Adds 50-foot 'Fan Tower' to help fans locate SPEED STAGE:
Like there was really a need or excuse to see more 'middle aged' men and women in the background holding their cellphones to their ears one one hand, beer in the other and looking at the camera and saying. 'Am I on?....How about now?'

Expanding the Chase:
Not sure what is positive about diluting the Chase. As the more teams that are eligible to make the Chase, the less 'important' the regular season races will become. (see the NHL and the NBA)

Sirius Radio:
No I have not broken down and purchased one just yet. While I have been a bit more tempted since the New Year, I still have yet to see any programing that is so exclusive that it doesn't appear on the Internet less than a few hours later. Maybe next season.


Gvav1 said...

I haven't bought Sirius either, but miss the 24 hour Nascar coverage that XM provided, time will tell...

PS- Not sure if I get to keep my blog award or not. Ha!

M said...

Well, I will keep the Sirius! It is great to listen to the doings of NASCAR all day long!

Hmmm...in reference to the 50 ft Speed tower....that looks a bit familiar to me! :)