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Monday, February 09, 2009

Quick hits on the Bud Shootout

1) The C.O.T. at plate tracks.

I remember the first COT plate race at Dega a little over a year and a half ago and how many complained that the COT was not race able at a plate track. Knowing the Dega and Daytona are very different in terms of car setup, I will throw this out there. I truly loved the way the COT cars handled on the very bumpy plate track last Saturday night. The cars were squirrelly, but not in an overly dangerous way. It was obvious that the cars were a handful, but that also contributed to the action on the track, and gave just another reason for the more skilled drivers to move to the front, not just the driver who happens to have the most aerodynamic car.

2) NASCAR’s version of John Madden

It has been a nice couple of months not having to listen to anything Jimmy Spencer has to say. Has there every been anyone in a NASCAR pre-race show say so much, yet adding so little to a broadcast? I should have known better to tune into Speed’s pre Shootout coverage, but I honestly thought after a couple month lay-off, he would have brought something useful to the table. I was wrong again. Maybe Frank Caliendo should add a ‘Spencer’ to his repertoire.

3) Elliott Sadler grade card

While his night was cut short, it really shouldn’t be considered a failure night for the driver of the 19. After getting shuffled to the rear of the lead draft, Sadler was battling a slightly looser car than he would have like, but from his post race comments, it appeared that there was a plan in place. The more fuel the 19 burn, the more the car seemed to ‘come to him’. But just as an ‘mismatched’ bump draft that ended M. Waltrip’s day from Sadler, Sadler’s day himself was ended in a similar way by David Stremme. It should be noted that Sadler was very gracious in his post race comments, and pointed no fingers. So while Sadler DNF’ed this race, if this race were to count on the scorecard, I would have graded it a solid B-. But grades don’t start to count until next Sunday.

4) Anonymity on the message boards?

Not directly Bud Shootout related, but note worthy anyway. I mentioned on this blog a couple of years ago the comedy and out right libel that was prevalent on the ‘Elliott Sadler Topix Forum’. Seems that 100s of anonymous posters from another TOPIX forum are now being targeted in class action lawsuit and now a Tarrant County judge has ruled that their true identities and IP address’ be revealed and turned over to the courts. Looking at the history of the TOPIX Elliott Sadler forum and some of the claims made there, it is pretty clear that a handful of ‘Sybils’ from Richmond, New Jersey, Louisiana, Atlanta and even Emporia should be concerned simply because of their written styles and claims. TOPIX has 30 days to comply with this court order and it will be interesting to see if there is any 'spill over' to other Forums. From what I have been reading, even when the posters ‘Tor’ in attempt to hide their IP address, it can be traced. History shows that Sadler is not afraid to turn to the courts to get his way, and frankly, it is about time for that place.

On to the big dance on Sunday. It has begun!

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