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Friday, February 06, 2009

2009 Elliott Sadler; The ‘No Excuses’ tour begins Saturday night

In ten or so years of full time Cup driving, Elliott Sadler has run the gambit when it comes to on track performance or lack there of. He has also run the gambit with the excuses for this performance. But after this eventful off-season, if he was smart, Sadler should bill this upcoming season as the ‘No Excuses’ Season.

And before this season even commences, lets put some of these excuses to rest, and to be fair, many of these excuse have not come from the driver of the 19, but from his official fan club members.

1) The ‘We just need some time to get the driver/Crew Chief communication down, so every knows what I want in a car’.

One only needs to read Sadler’s pre-season quotes about his crew chief for 2009.

“For anyone out there who isn’t familiar with Kevin Buskirk you will be very soon. Kevin’s worked with some of the best in the business. He worked with me in 2004 on the No. 38 team at Yates when we won three poles and two races and made the Chase. He won the Daytona 500 as an engineer on the No. 29 team at Richard Childress Racing in 2007. The guy flat out knows what he’s doing and we are thrilled that he came over to join us for 2009.

Now I do think the Buskirk is a great choice for Sadler’s CC, especially after losing Childers. However, on the flip side, he only has a handful of race calling the shots on the pit box. Over all, Sadler is beaming with confidence about his new crew chief, so scratch that excuse.

2) The “If only Elliott was getting the same equipment as Kasey’ or ‘getting competitive equipment’ over-all.’

Brett Griffin has already been quoted on a previous blog that the equipment is pretty much equal each week. But the rub is what the team and driver does with that equipment. It was good enough for the 9 car to earn a few appearances in victory lane, and we all know that earning a chance to victory lane is a priority and a benchmark of 'season success' for Sadler.

3) The ‘because of the firing and then re-hiring, the 19 team and owner will see to it that Sadler will not have a chance to perform well on Sundays, after-all they don't want him driving anymore’.

Break out all the Tin Foiled Hats you want, but this conspiracy just won’t hold any water, especially in these economic/sponsor times. The risk/reward simply is not there. But Sadler himself squelches this theory with this quote.

“The No. 19 Dodge team has a lot to prove this year. We are coming in with a big, and when I say big—I mean HUGE chip on our shoulders and we want to make sure that we are competitive each and every week of the season. There is no room for error and each and every member of this team is going to be held accountable. The No. 19 team has been given the tools to be successful and now it is up to all of us to use those tools and get this car competitive and into victory lane.”

Remember the words from the driver himself, ‘each and every member of the team is going to be held accountable’. If ten or so races into the season, one of the other Richard Petty Motorsports cars is having sponsor issues but is getting results on Sundays, don’t be surprised to see a ‘sponsorship change’ in mid season.

4) The ‘if only we could get rid of this bad luck’.

This most likely is the worst excuse of all time, as how soon we all forget the races where you have good luck. The races where fuel mileage came into play, or when attrition came into play for top 10 finishes. Yes, bad luck can happen, but there is not one driver/team that over the course of a full season experiences any more or less bad luck than anyone else.

Let the season begin, and let the results speak for themselves. 2009, the year of no excuses! I'm keeping score, are you?

post script: I am thinking that the Sadler Fan Club should have 'No Excuses' T-shirts printed up, just as a reminder!

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Anonymous said...

Let's hope the "Dear and Deluded One" doesn't make the 2009 race season his "FAREWELL TOUR".

He is so full of himself, and "other things", it is difficult to have faith in his optimism. Does he really know which end is up?

It is crucial that the "Southern Whatever" proves he is not a certifiable idiot.

All 10 of his fans will be watching....