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Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Failed Bit

It was just a little less than a year ago when Elliott Sadler, along with a few sidekicks used their influence and went public with their nationwide sales pitch for ‘Sheridan Ridge’. This week we now find that all five have either pulled out completely or filed quick claim deeds in order to recoup the original investment. Needless to say, this latest venture in which Sadler made claims of “it’s going to be great”, is just another in a long list that can be trashed with the likes of VLP, Infield Parking, MySpace and even the Sadler Fan Club.

I guess it was questionable enough that this resort’s website hosts pictures of existing completed buildings and such, we now found out that although the subdivision plats and erosion and sediment control plans were filed and approved by Smyth County more than a year ago, there has been no construction on the site. So where are these beautiful buildings that are on this site?

Of course, when eventually ask, I am sure that Sadler will fall back on the old standby justification that it ‘wasn’t his fault’, and that he ‘had no control’ over the situation, even though as being named ‘Advisory Board Member’. Sadler himself spoke last summer and comment about the ‘commitment’ to the ‘buildings’ that they are building and such, but it is getting clearer that Sadler was simply ‘shilling’ the product.

Also this week, there were a handful of Sadler quotes concerning what he would do if he wanted to get more fans in the seats at Fontana.

"I would go to every Boys and Girls Club, the Girl Scouts, middle school -- give away tickets, give them a chance to come to this race that might not have come before. You might make a fan; you might not. If you don't make a fan, what have you lost? You really haven't lost anything, because you didn't have anyone in the seat anyhow.

"If you gain a fan, you maybe gain a couple tickets for next year. That's my Emporia (Va.) opinion, which is not worth two cents out here in Los Angeles, California."

Not that this is a bad idea at all, but just as Eddie Gossage fired back at Dale JR last month for JR’s opinion that ‘tracks should do more for the fans’. I think it is fair to ask Elliott Sadler the same question and give him an opportunity to show just what added value has he added to his fans, and more specifically his fan club, over the past few years.

In 2004, (probably the peak of Sadler’s fan club and trackside popularity) his fan club annual dues were $10 for a single membership. Today that same package will cost you $25. Also in 2004, access to the Fan Club’s message board where many fan offers and personal insight from both Sadler and his spotter/PR Brett Griffin was free of charge. Today one has to become a fan club member to access these posts.

Before that, Sadler’s fan ‘appreciation day’ was a free ‘come as you are’ event and was truly directed at the fan. Today this event has become a commercial spectacle costing fans a minimum of $25 just to get on the property. If one would want to feel truly appreciated, that comes with a fee upwards to $250. For someone that just a few years ago would have much signage and fan sightings at trackside events and grand stand events, it is interesting to see the lack there of these days.

Now don’t get me wrong, I understand everything comes with a price, but when one is willing to give advice at no expense of his own, one should be ready for some backlash. Eddie made that very clear to JR and JR also responded and the fans a better for it.

That being said, The changes to Sadler’s website ElliottSadler.com have been enjoyable to see. I also (along with others) have been critical of previous releases of this site, but there seems to be someone that is ‘getting it’. While the site is not full of bells and whistles, it is easy to navigate, and seems to be emphasizing content. The ‘news’ section is still pretty generic, but it does give a central location that is updated in a timely manner with pre and post race/qualifying quotes can be found along with race recaps. The added fan question section is a nice touch as well. While the ‘fluff’ pieces in the new video section are probably not for me, it is also a nice added touch that many might enjoy. So kudos for the Sadler camp for the change, and hopefully it will continue.

Caly race recap should be up on Wed, it was interesting.


marc said...

You need to fix your "sadler.com" link.

His Cali quotes are up, this one caught my eye:

" We tried some things that we learned at Rockingham during the off-season, but it didn’t transfer as well as we would have liked to California."

Gee ya think?

Can't imagine why data from a flat 1 mile track wouldn't apply to a 2 mile and higher banked oval! (And i bet a 20 degree diff in temperatures)


And BTW, his new site design, IMHO, is crap-on-a-stick.

Anonymous said...

The Rock is 1 mile, but it's certainly not flat.

Sadler's site is still way in the dark ages. Look at kylebusch.com now that is a well done professionally designed site.