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Monday, March 05, 2007

It's Sad but True

I only watch a couple of Busch races a season. There a many reasons for this, but probably the top couple of reasons are, 'the Buschwackers' and too great of a different between the funding of teams. But there is an occasion or two where I am interested in watching a Busch Race. This past weekend was no exception, but the reasons were laced with irony.

It took a race held outside of the U.S. to peak some interest, and a road course race to boot. (I'm not a fan of watching road courses on TeVee in the first place). It took the over hype of a Brazilian driver and his team's mid race mistake which looked to be an 'ender' for the team. It took the refreshing view of the fans in the stands, and their enthusiasm without having to see countless views of the Confederate Navy Jack. It took a network who 'used' to show the whole field, but for some reason yesterday, I would have thought only a handful of cars actually made the field. It took a race that had pit strategy and teams on different tire management. Lastly, it even took a 'race move' that was either brilliant or wreckless.

It's all sad but true, and that's what it took to get this race fan interested in watching a Busch race for the first time this season, and probably since last July or so.

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Gvav1 said...

I thought ESPN's coverage was a bit much...too much jibber jabber and only focusing on a few drivers!