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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Cry Me a River, Jack and Ray

Looks like the appeals for both the 17 and 9 teams have been denied and the whining continues from the fans when their driver gets caught with their hands in the cookie jar. (or cheating jar in this case)

Flashback less than a year ago, to a pre-race driver's meeting where the very subject of getting caught cheating. Nascar felt it's hand was force to anti-up the punishment for cheating and this revelation was addressed specifically at this driver's meeting. From that point on, the 'cheating game' had changed. No matter what or how you defined cheating before that driver's meeting, that meant nothing from that point on. The past, simply put was history and not comparable. Even the term 'benchmark' was used by Nascar stating that past penalties were no longer applicable. Cheating, had just had the bar set higher and a new playing field was set in terms of punishment.

I guess both owners didn't get the memo or attended that meeting. Both Jack and Ray have made the excuse that even though Nascar said they would be more severe in the punishments, that the magnitude of the punishments did not compare to similar violations of the past. Were they not listening to Nascar when they stated that the past was history. Like punishing little kids, Nascar threatened and threatened to put cheaters in the 'naughty square' or 'time-out', and finally drew the line in the sand.

After Nascar's announcement of more severe penalties, there were two other 50 point loss violation imposed by the sanctioning body in the 2006 season.

*The number 2 team failed post qualifying inspection during the October Lowes Race for a shock violation. The driver and owner each lost 50 points respectively plus having the Crew Chief suspended and placed on probation, and also a fine

*The number 7 team was fined and docked 50 driver and owner points for 'intentionally causing a caution' when a piece of the car's roll bar was seen on the track.

So Jack and Ray can whine all they want, but it doesn't negate the fact that they were warned many times. they cheated, they got caught, they were told that this year is a new ball game. Now it is time to pay the fiddler.


Snafam said...

So, it will be interesting to see if Ray "strikes out" today, with his other two teams under review for their infractions.

SparkyPlug said...

They'll cheat again.

Snafam said...

And now it looks like Ray saw the writing on the wall...he pulled his appeal for the 10 and the 19.