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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Did ya see that?

Last Sunday, a few racing buddies and I got together to watch the debut of the C.O.T. For the most part, I have been a supporter of the C.O.T., however one of my friends is very much against it, so the debating begins from almost the drop of the green flag.

After the 44 had smacked the wall, he commented of how 'fragile' the C.O.T. was and that wreck was proof. I countered with, "yeah, I guess so, it is not like we had never before seen a car back into a wall like that and be done for the day".

Along those same lines there was a 'busted radiator' and once again, my buddy commented on the fragility of the C.O.T. If he was right, I guess radiators have never broke at a track like Bristol where car to car contact is common place.

Then there was the couple of 'cut down' tires and the blame was this time laid on the front 'splitter'. Now there maybe a need to 'narrow' the splitter a bit, but again, it is not like we have never seen tires go down after contact with fender wells.

About midway thru the race he commented that the C.O.T. didn't 'look anything liek a production car especially with that 'ugly rear wing'. My response was to 'get back with my in a couple of a days with a count/ratio of cars he sees on the street that have even a one inch rear spoiler compared to a one or two inch high rear wing. I 'guestimated' the ratio to be at least 20-1 in favor of the wing. We will see what he has to say next Sunday!

Then lastly it was the complaint that 'these guys aren't even racing side by side'. My only comment was 'do they really ever at Bristol'?

The C.O.T. will be work in progress for at least a season or two, and yes, there will be problems that are identified and solutions to those problems will be given.

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