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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Take it to the bank

As we close out 2006 and look forward to a new year in 2007, instead of taking a look back lets take a look forward at some key events that will happen in the upcoming year.

* By the May 12th Darlington race
Even though the 'average age' of Cup drivers continues to rise, some one will start up the bandwagon of how 'the young guns who have not paid their dues are being handed Cup rides, and this is the downfall of Nascar'.

* Before the first practice at speedweeks
Some Ricky Rudd fans will be calling for Robert Yates to hire 'Fatback' McSwain as the crew chief of the 88/28. (along with the spotter, pit crew and as many others from the old '28 days') It will be reminiscent of the famous "Blues Brother's" quote, 'We are getting the band back together'.

* After the first practice session at Spring Bristol
The C.O.T. will be called a 'failure' by some because it didn't fix the real problem with BMS. The problem is that BMS is a 'one grooved' track where passing basically can only be achieved with the aid of the chrome horn.

* Before the Daytona 500
Another worthless 'power ranking' will be published (for some reason, I'm thinking Sirius will be the culprit), making the total 'rankings' hit the half a dozen mark. Remember, this is racing, not the BCS.

* Before the July Daytona race
A track will be littered after a late race 'controversy'. Chances are the incident will involve one of the following car numbers, the 8, 24, 29 or 48, and a long shot involves the 42.

* By the April 15th TMS race
Irony alert: Some Nascar beat writer (chances are it will come from ESPN) will write an opinion that 'Nascar is ignoring it's fans' because of the perception of 'higher ticket prices' and such.

* Speaking of ESPN/ABC
By the third broadcast on the network, someone will complain about 'too many commercials', 'missed restarts', and 'only showing a select few cars all day'.

* By the March 11th Las Vegas Race
'19 fans' will make the claim that if 'their driver had the same equipment as the #9 car, then their driver would be winning races too'.

* Moments after the 2nd Twin 150 is finished
Someone will claim that Toyota has already ruined the 'Amercan Sport' because of their willingness to open their pocketbooks.

* By the All-Star Challenge
After not getting his way once again, David Poole will write a opinion stating that more weight should be given to race winners in the points system.

* By the '24 hours at Daytona'
Jayski will have to retract or deny one of his rumors.

* By the June 10th Pocono race
A handful of 'unofficial' message boards centering around the 'Southern Gentleman' will pop up due to the 'controlism' of the Official message Board.

* By Spring Talladega
Mark Martin will announce his retirement, but will remained to be rumored for other seats, and will be seen talking to other car owners.

* By the April Martinsville race
Signs at Trackside Live can been seen saying, 'Only frauds wear plaid!'

* Before the end of speedweeks
Someone will try to stir a debate on the ThatsRacin.com boards claiming 'Nascar drivers are not athletes'.

That's all the darts I have, and remember, only one of them has to 'stick' in order for me to say 'I told you so!' Take it to the bank.


Gvav1 said...

I'm banking on it...gr8 stuff. Can't wait for the '07 vroom!!!

Snafam said...

Hmmmm...I guess you can start with the "I told you so" comments. A couple of them have already happened! :)