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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

If Nascar were like.....

As much as it seems to be the in thing to do, I just can't seem to join in the time honored tradition of bashing the governing body of Nascar. I guess its because when it comes to the sport I am a 'glass is half full' person. Sure there are problems, but just take a look around, EVERY major sport has their fair share of problems as well.

*If Nascar were like the NBA:
Drivers who struggle with the new characteristics of the Car of Tomorrow will sue NASCAR and file unfair labor practice charges just as the NBA player's association did recently over the new change of the NBA Basketball (from leather to microfiber)

*If Nascar were like NCAA division 1a football:
The Chase would be decided by a handful of computer programs and a couple of human polls in order to narrow the field down to two race teams.

*If Nascar were like the NHL:
In order to 'make the sport better', Nascar would be forced to lock out the drivers for a full season becuase the driver would not agree to salary caps, rules changes, and such. However, after that year is up, the drivers finally agree to a plan that was less appealing to them, than the original offer.

*Also if Nascar were like the NHL (and NBA for that matter):
Over 20 teams would make the Chase in a deluded attempted to add revenue.

*If Nascar were like the NFL:
Some races would only be shown on a limited availability basis on the 'Nascar Network'. The same network that most cable companies do not offer and you have to be a Satellite subscriber to view.

*If Nascar were like MLB:
Nascar would turn a blind eye and even try to cover up for over a decade on a performance enhancing substance abuse by drivers, because they (Nascar) felt it was helping sagging ratings and attendance.

*If Nascar were like the College Football Bowl games:
Over 80% of the tickets sold at race venues would be sold to corporate sponsors and local businesses. Thus forcing the average fan to pay well over face value for these tickets.

Remember, that glass is still half full.


Gvav1 said...

How bad have you got it? I loved that commercial package Nascar ran a few seasons ago. The good old days were good, marvelous. Now let's enjoy today's racing! I'm with you...the glass is at least half full.

Clementine said...

Great blog! Keep it up, we need more writers with a contrary point of view! Even better, you back up being contrary with facts!