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Monday, December 25, 2006

My cats woke us up wanting to open presents.

'Boomer', 'Sooner', 'Mr Kitty'

Set alarm for 0500 hrs so I could ambush the paper "boy" (approx. age, 35) and hand him a Christmas card with some $ in it. Written on card: "Thanks for all your faithful service. Now, please, work on your gunnery skills. Signed, State Your Name." (He misses the mark by at least 20 feet every time.) Waited in bathrobe, cuppa java in hand, for 1 hr. and 15 minutes until he showed up, in 42F and howling winds.
Surly lout showed up, accepted card, mumbled what may have been thanks.

0620...back to the sack.

0715...'Mr Kitty' purring contentedly as he sleeps on the pillow.

0716...'Boomer', apparently miffed at his usurping of his rightful place, attacks. I receive slight laceration to scalp as 'Mr Kitty' seeks traction in an attempt to escape felonious feline fury.

0716:45...in bathroom, dabbing Neosporin(TM) on wound. 'Sooner' chooses the high road and gives condolences with the patented 'circling of the feet'.

0718...After igniting coffee maker, seeking under furniture and in various crannies in hopes of effecting retaliatory strike. (See: Catbeating Contests I Have Won.)

0722...Discover all three cats, looking innocent and adorable, sitting in living room, looking up wistfully at their stockings (hung by the chimney, with care.)

0724...Sipping coffee, a bit misty-eyed, on the couch, watching cats roll in some newly sprinkled catnip and batting new toys between trips to small bowl of cat treats placed nearby.

Happy Holidays!


Snafam said...

See: Catbeating Contests I Have Won.)

So, am I to assume since there is no link there, you have yet to win one of those contests? LOL!

Merry Christmas, buddy! (And to your Saintly Wife, too!)

Gvav1 said...

Happy Holidays Boomer...and Sooner!