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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

'Spit Gate' and 'Lets Wait'


Whether you like T.O. or not, one still has to question the fine handed down by the NFL for his undocumented 'spitting incident' with Atlanta Falcon's defensive back, DeAngelo Hall. We hear the complaints in almost every Nascar fine/penalty that 'Nascar is just too inconsistent with their fines/penalties', and that the rule book in 'written in pencil'.

A quick look into the NFL history books, and one can see that this issue is not something new. The Hall of Fame is full of players (from Butkis to Csonka to Youngblood) who have admitted to such actions and nothing was officially done by the NFL.

More recently:

1) 2005,Sean Taylor was ejected (the officials actually saw the incident) from a game and later fined $17,000 for spitting at Micheal Pittman.
2) 1998, Hardy Nickerson was fined $17,000 for spitting at William Floyd.
3) 1999, Bill Romanowski was fined $7,500 for spitting in the face of J.J. Stokes.

Is this simply a classic case of 'T.O. bias'? As the most common response is that this fine is not 'harsh enough'. But history shows is that this is the most harsh fine for this type of offense. The only other retort is that this is a message being sent down from the new NFL Commissioner and that he has had enough of this type of behavior. Interesting though, is that Nascar has done this very thing before where the message is 'enough is enough'.

Hurry up and wait:

Today is now 'announcement plus one' day in what should be called Nascar's worst kept secret. Ricky Rudd fans have been stalking and lurking on every Internet site that might have the smallest tidbit of 'new information', concerning Rudd's signing with Robert Yates Racing and still are coming up empty. Their 'reaching' has been quite humorous, although one must give them credit for their creativity and ingenuity.

And we wonder why sites like Jayski and such can generate 'big time' sponsorship.

I guess if one was to speculate like many Rudd fans are doing these days and one wanted to play the part of the 'contra', could the reason be for the countless delays for an announcement is that the negotiations between Rudd and Yates are not going as 'smoothly' as one thought they should? Hey, this 'speculation game', is pretty easy and fun.


Jamie said...

2002 Texaco called a press conference to announce they and Ricky were going to Ganassi. The morning of the press conference they had to cancel cause Ricky/Ganassi deal fell through.

Been there before!

Gvav1 said...

Maybe the NFL should sponsor a spitting contest? Pretty popular at the county fairs!

Regarding Rudd...his rusty old bones will be back vrooming in '07, I jayski think!