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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Riding the Money Grab Gravy Train!

Its bad enough that Elliott Sadler has now stooped to ‘pay’ fan club events, but now his handlers are offering ‘pre-order’ of event T-shirts. Now some may not think much of this practice, but there are some glaring issues here. The first being the greed that Elliott and his handlers have shown this past season.

If I was one that paid my hard earned money to attend this event, in which the event T-shirt was included in that admission fee, I would feel very slighted that now because of greed alone, every Tom, Dick and Susie can buy something that was originally intended and publicly advertised to be exclusive to his paying fan club members.

But the problems don’t stop there. Looking at the design on the T-Shirt, there is one key component missing. That would be Sadler’s PRIMARY sponsor, M&Ms, while the associate sponsor’s (Citi financial) logo is conveniently displayed. I am sure Masterfoods is very pleased about this, and just another example of the bridges Sadler and his handlers are burning. Like his recent on track issues, it appears that Sadler his also ‘given up’ on his primary sponsor. You remember, that same primary sponsor that was instrumental in Sadler getting his ‘dream ride’ in the first place.

But it is probably a good thing, as just by looking at the sizes of the pre-order T-shirts, it is clear that this event is NOT for the whole family. Children don’t seem to be welcome (unless they can fit into an adult medium T-shirt or larger) or maybe it is because those children don’t have the DOLLARS to hand over. But I see there is plenty of 2X and 3X T-shirts for what Brett so fondly calls, the ‘huge fans’. I am sure there are plenty of those to go around.

The sunshine pumpers my not see it, but I can see it very clearly.

The real question is, what soft drink beverage will this ‘barn party’ be serving? One would think it would be a Coke product, but with Elliott chumming up to Ray Evernham lately and seeing that Ray is in the Pepsi camp it maybe interesting to see, but that is a whole other story.

Robert, cut your losses now, and get someone else, anyone else to finish out this season in the 38 car. The self-proclaimed ‘Southern Gentleman’ doesn’t deserve it.

The Sadler saga continues. Remember, you are not a FAN, until you are a PAYING customer!


Anonymous said...

The Sadler empire owns Emporia, don't be fooled with their "public generousity" that they like to conveniently flaunt. If there is not something in it for them, they are not interested in helping.

Dena said...

They sold the shirts for Race for Hope to non-attendees, but the funds, proceeds, profits or whatever were supposed to go to Charity. This shirt does not have that claim on it.

And gee, I think that was the last charity event they held. It seems that when Elliott's niece was no longer in the Faison school, the Autism charity work is no longer important to him.

Bob said...

How fitting is that McDonalds sign!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that the M&Ms folks must have been getting tired of Elliott a bit earlier in the year. I noticed a lack of new merchandise, a lack of Pre-Race PR, and a lack of interest in the appearances at any M&Ms event.

Elliott may think he can carry his fan base with him. But once he abandons the title of 'Candyman' there will be many who choose to stay with the new Candyman.

And, I don't believe it is an issue with him finishing poorly this year. Many of his fans (who are now bailing) were fans way back in the days that he was not doing as well as he did at Yates.It makes you wonder exactly why they are bailing. If they could stick with him back in 2003, then why the change in their attitudes?