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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oklahoma Football ...............................Nothing Else Matters

I came across this VIDEO the other day and if this will not get you fired up for the Sooner Football season,
nothing will.

What a great montage of Sooner Football history. From "THE KICK" the shut up tOSU fans and sending Woody Hays to the watch repair shop, to stuffing an "UNSTOPPABLE" FSU offense. Ahhhhh, the memories for distant past and the memories from even a “rebuilding season” like last year.

But what stuck out most in my mind from the video was a couple of quotes:

“These people don’t know what it means to be a champion………..
Oklahoma invented it.”
Barry Switzer

“The history of Oklahoma is about winning championships.”

Bob Stoops

Those two quotes alone maybe the biggest recruiting tool needed to lure any blue chipper to Norman, if that blue chipper has the desire. When I think back at the outstanding players who have slapped their hands against the ‘Play like a Champion Today’, sign just above the locker room door, I wonder what was going through the minds of players like Billy Simms, Jack Mildren, Danny Bradley, Joe Washington, Jamelle Holieway and others the first time they did it. Was it is sense of empowerment? Determination? Resolve? Or was it a sense of destiny and dare to show their greatness to the rest of the college football world?

Then there are the players that were not the 5 star blue chippers but had something special inside of them that made them stand out. Players like Josh Heupel, Jason White, Tinker Owens, Mark Clayton and others who really were not house hold names out of High School, but by the time they left Norman, were All-Americans.

Obviously, we know that not all of the players have this special trait though and even this before this season has started, we have seen it. But what exemplifies Oklahoma Football is the ability to fight through adversity, and if you look back at some of the greatest seasons, you will find very few that the Sooner Football team didn’t have to fight through something that many of the “experts” had wrote them off.

The only thing wrong with the video above? Not enough Bud Wilkerson, Billy Vessels, Tommy McDonald and Steve Owens, but then again there is not a lot of footage of those greats. I do miss the “crown” on Owen Field and seeing the Bone run to perfection. Maybe someday it will return, but until then.......…


Here is to another college football season and maybe another championship!


Jeff said...

Switzer to a recruit "You can come to OU and play for championships, or go somewhere else and watch us play for championships"


Marla said...

Hook 'm, Horns!