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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

“I think we’re going to have to watch that again.”

A few years ago, a message board buddy posted a thread about watching a ‘new show’ and was wondering if anyone else was watching it because he thought it was a thought provoking and entertaining show. Taking his advice, the next week I caught the 4th episode of LOST in season one. In only a few moments into the show, I realized that I was hooked.

The genius of the show is the thought, the plot twists, the writing, and the unknown direction and possibilities of just where this third season may take us. As seen in the season one finale, and the subsequent theories from the viewers, that were later squelched by the season two premiere, season three could go just about anywhere.

So in order to prepare for the season three premier, one really needs to take another look at the season two finale and below are some random notes and notions I came up with.

· The final scene in the artic does answer on of the biggest questions since the first show aired. “Is the outside world still there?” The answer is yes, and more importantly, someone (Penny Windmore) is looking for the island for whatever reason.

· The “button” was indeed real and important as well as the Swan hatch. Jack felt the button was some sort of “mind experiment” and we now know that either Jack was lying or simply mistaken. The real question is since the fail safe key has been inserted and turned by Desmond, is the island back ‘on the grid”

· Zeke’s real name is Tom. (Some called him “Mr. Friendly) This really isn’t anything significant to note, other than this is about the 4th or 5th character named Tom from the show. And speaking of names, Mrs. Clue is named Bea.

· So the “girl in the picture” with Desmond in the hatch was Penny Windmore. But the question still remains was the familiar “look” Jack gave when seeing the picture for the first time in the hatch at the beginning of season two. Did Jack recognize Penny?

· It is becoming more clearer that the cause of the plane crash can be directly associated with Desmond, and him being “late” in inputting the numbers when he fought and killed Kelvin.

· Speaking of Kelvin. Another nice touch that Kelvin was indeed Inman (worked for the CIA and met with Sayid)

· Where are Michael and Walt really going? A hint maybe seen in the Pearl Orientation video in which it was stated that after one’s shift that should take the “Pala Ferry” back to the barracks and encampment. The compass heading that the ‘fake Henry’ gave Michael just may take them there. But if so, what will they find?

· So what is the fate of Locke and Eko (and Desmond)? And why is Charlie seemingly unconcerned about them?

· The “Hurley’s Bird’, thing is, I’m guessing just another Red Herrin that the writers of the show have been good at in throwing the theories of course. Like the seemingly countless religious overtones, there significance is more of coincidence than the actual direction the show is taking.

· Jack, Kate and Sawyer in custody of the Others (or “the hostiles,” which is a new term for them), and Hurley’s in for a long walk. Will Sayid, Jin and Sun save the day?

· Speaking of the “Others”, I will have to revise my earlier season two theory that the Others were actually two different groups of people. One being primitive in nature, while the other more technologically advanced. We now know that costumes were used for whatever reason. Is the ‘fake Henry’ really “Him”? To early to tell but I am learning towards the he is not, but it is pretty clear that he should be a pretty big part of season three. Still not sure what to make of the ‘We are the good guys’ comment from the fake Henry though. Just who are the ‘bad guys’?

· A little tidbit on those pesky numbers. In the final ‘arctic’ scene, if you look at the computers screen the number 7418880. Just multiply the numbers together and guess what the product is?

· The Others had a fake camp and the fake hatch. Where are the Others really living and why is there a fake hatch door? The “big room” the Walt spoke of in ‘three minutes’?

· Locke has been once again fooled or duped by believing that “nothing will happen” if the button is not pushed.
That makes about a half a dozen times this has happened on the show.

So just as the season one finale opened up almost unlimited possibilities, the season two finale did the same. Who would have thought that season two would have opened up with “Make your own kind of music” and the ever developing story line behind the hatch.

The countdown for the season three premier begins……….

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