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Monday, April 28, 2008

"We got clipped!!!"

"We got clipped!", were some of the final words over the 19 scanner by Brett Griffin following the final lap 'big one'. But maybe Griffin should have said 'We got Jipped!!!"

But unfortunately for the 19 team, this is a product of plate racing, and I am sure if we dug deep enough we can find a plate race from the past where Sadler gained 15 or so spots because of missing a late race big one. But that doesn't help the 19 team today.

I thought this Dega race was a pretty good one in terms of 'racing'. Like we saw last fall, if the drivers chose to race, there was two, three and four wide action. I felt during the later stages of the race that there were about 20 or so cars (including the 19) that had a legitimate shot of winning if the pieces fell into place the last 2 or so laps.

As for the 19 team, this race should be looked at like a baseball box score when a batter hits a screaming line drive into the gap, but the center fielder makes a diving catch for the out. It may not count for much, but to the batter, he knows he had good contact, but just got jipped. And can't wait for the next at-bat against that pitcher. The 19 team can say the same thing about their efforts at Dega yesterday.

On to the 'Action track' and another at-bat!

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