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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Here We Go Again!

About this time last year I was fortunate to stumble about a diamond in the rough when I was invited for a weekend of short track racing at Thunderhill Raceway in Kyle, Texas. (just a few miles south of Austin) Now many race fans 'back East' just wouldn't understand the joy of driving close to 5 hours one way just to see some asphalt short track racing, but because 'everything is bigger in Texas', that is just goes with the territory.

So it is back the THR for the Camping World West Series and the TSRS (Texas Super Racing Series) for a night of up close and personal observation for the 'everyday race fan'. A place where pit passes run about $25 and the friendly staff is more than willing to lend a helping hand when needed and go the extra mile for their patrons.

A place where one can walk up an observe a Nascar post race inspection or walk just a few feet and eaves drop on the comments of such up-starts as Joey Logano about the night of racing.

A place where one can mosey up and listen in on the pre-race driver's meetings and hear just what these local racers and promoters go through each week to put on a good show for us race fans.

A place that does have rules, but the list of rules are not so long that one ponders and asks, 'why not just make a set off rules of things I CAN do, it would be shorter that way'. A place where the main rule is just use common sense.

A place where the choice of beverage and food is still reasonable in price (Don't get me started about the 6 freakin Dollar Ice Tea at TMS), and served with a smile and a 'thank you'.
After going last year, I also noticed that HDNET broad casted the race, so throughout the summer I would tune into these broadcasts. The picture quality of HDNET is second to none and the night race formats make for some great race watching on TeVee. If you ever have the chance to catch any of these broadcasts, you should check them out. If not for the racing, just do it for the picture quality alone.

So yes, to some, driving 5 hours to watch a bunch of people I honestly don't follow go around in circles for a couple hours is truly a joy. Something I look forward to each spring now.

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Charlie Turner said...

I'm lucky to get to attend quite a few weekends at the half mile Toledo Speedway and quarter mile Flat Rock Speedway. I have never regretted going. You really feel more a part of what's going on. It's affordable family fair too. 8 bucks to get in, hot dogs for a buck. Our tracks open next weekend. I'll miss the first week because my daughter is graduating, but I won't miss very many. I'll try to catch a broadcast. Thanks for the heads up.